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Here are a few Handy Hints from fellow readers.

Nov. 8 2018
Moving the gutter grates behind cows in a stanchion barn can be hard on your back and messy work. To eliminate this, we welded together some leftover pipe to create hooks. These hooks fit easily
Oct. 25 2018
I quit buying the heavy-duty $300 bale rings because the skirts came off in one year. I started buying the $150 economy feeders without skirts
Oct. 11 2018
Calves don’t always finish drinking the water we give them. This means their water has to be collected and discarded before milk can be fed. We took a broken lawn mower, removed the eng
Sept. 26 2018
We always need a fork or shovel nearby to clean feed bunks or put hay in front of the cows, so we came up with this idea. It’s just a PVC pipe screwed onto the fence, and we slip the fork right into
Sept. 10 2018
I do a lot of maintenance around the farm and some of it requires PVC pipe repair. To keep the PVC primer and glue together, since they are both used at the same time, I took duct tape and taped both
Aug. 25 2018
Jumping onto the bed of my pickup truck to get a different hitch, chain, or whatever I might have on there gets harder as I get older. To make that easier and prevent me from having to climb up, I mad
Aug. 10 2018
When a newborn calf is moved into its individual pen in the calf barn at Endres Jazzy Jerseys, it is not ear tagged immediately. In order to keep calves correctly identified at the Lodi, Wis., farm, a
July 15 2018
At Migliazzo and Sons Dairy of Atwater, Calif., milking towels are kept close by in these handy towel holders. The farm took 3-1/2-gallon plastic pails and cut a hole out of the bottom. Clean towels a
June 15 2018
After having valuable saleable milk poured down the drain due to a simple error of not paying attention to overflowing bulk tanks, we decided to go back to the basics. We recalled the game “red ligh
May 25 2018
At Cook Dairy in Pewamo, Mich., calves on pasture are fed grain using a homemade feeder. The feeder was constructed by slicing plastic barrels in half and securing them with a bolt. The feeder can be
May 10 2018
Goma Dairy in Marlette, Mich., found that storing and freezing colostrum in plastic bags leads to a faster defrosting period
April 25 2018
Wallman Dairy asked builders to pour the curbs with a curved top, rather than a flat one, so that feed and moisture will roll off of the curbs rather than settle on top of it
April 10 2018
We bought this shelving unit from Sam’s Club that had bins of varying sizes. I labeled and organized all the boxes according to what they would be holding
March 25 2018
I wanted to make our pressure washer more portable, so I put it on a wagon and added a 55-gallon drum and hose reel. I drilled a hole 2 inches from the bottom of the drum and installed a bulkhead fitt
March 10 2018
Adding these welding strips of metal grating onto our skid loader attachments greatly improved traction and reduced the risk of falls
Feb. 25 2018
We had a problem with our cows’ tails falling into our manure pan in the parlor, especially in the summer months when it’s warm and flies are present. Looking for a solution, I cut the botto
Feb. 10 2018
We have calves that always want to step up into the water fountains and make them filthy. To prevent that, we cut off the bottom of a 55-gallon drum and notched slits into the sides that slip onto the
Jan. 25 2018
Every once in awhile we will get a cow that comes into the milking parlor with an uneven udder. No matter how hard you try to position the milking machine properly, it will squawk. My boss simp
Jan. 10 2018
At Hidden View Farm in Cambridge, N.Y., a mob feeder was constructed to meet the needs of the farm’s group-housed calves. Four holes were drilled on the lower portion of the side of a 5-gallon
Dec. 12 2017
We developed a bale mover out of pallets to keep bales from sitting on the dirty ground. This also helped to keep the bale supported on one side so it wouldn’t fall apart while we took what we neede