We went to Peach Teat Buckets to feed calves and needed a way to hang them. This is what we came up with.

Get a 13-inch by 1.5-inch piece of metal and bend it at 5.25 inches into a 90-degree angle. Then drill two holes in the 5.25-inch piece. Weld a 9-inch piece of rebar down in the center of the 7.75-inch piece.

Next, weld a 3-inch piece of rebar straight up from where you made the bend and weld a washer on top. Weld a chain to the end of the 7.75-inch piece and put a clip at the end of the chain. Paint it whatever color you want.

Drill two holes in the calf hutch and put bolts in the two holes you drilled in the holder. Fasten the holder on the calf hutch (put a big washer in the hutch so it doesn’t rip out easily).

Finally, put the bucket on the holder and fasten the chain to the washer with the clip (the chain is used so the calf can’t buck the bucket out).

Jared Zimmerman, Michigan