April 8 2024
The long-term consequences of heat stress in dairy cattle was presented by Geoff Dahl, University of Florida
April 1 2024
It still feels like winter in many parts of the country, but if the temperature swings of this season and the trend of last summer are any indication, it may not be long before we need to consider how...
Feb. 16 2024
Lung ultrasound can be used to answer a multitude of questions regarding respiratory health in calves
Jan. 10 2024
when a pendulum swings out farther in one direction than normal, it may swing back too far in the other direction. A correction can take some time later on
Nov. 14 2023
Calves enter a world filled with bacteria, viruses, and parasites. These organisms can make them sick or even lead to death
Oct. 12 2023
Feeding the calves of today and tomorrowpresentned by Bob James Virginia Tech and Down Home Heifer Solutions sponsored by: Agri-PlasticsWhen raising calves, farmers must consider what is best for the
Oct. 5 2023
When challenged by illness, young dairy calves can become dehydrated quickly. Producers are often faced with the question of whether oral fluids will get the job done or if they need to call their veterinarian...
Sept. 8 2023
With so much attention placed on animal welfare, the perspective of farmers is often overlooked, even though they are the ones who provide care to animals daily and have the greatest impact on animal welfare
Sept. 8 2023
Feeding high-quality colostrum is recognized as a critical factor to raising healthy calves. In addition to supplying important immunological components, colostrum is rich in nutrients, hormones, and and...
Sept. 5 2023
I think baby calves are adorable and sweet. If I see one, there is no doubt that I will walk up to it with my arm outstretched, palm up, to let it suck on my hand with all its slobber and sandpaper-feeling...
Sept. 5 2023
At the 2006 American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) conference in Minneapolis, a speaker presented some unique findings from their human milk studies
Aug. 24 2023
Calf rearing aims to promote growth and intestinal development while minimizing health incidences. One of the significant challenges for young calves is diarrhea and other digestive issues. Digestive challenges...
Aug. 14 2023
We’ve probably all quipped the phrase, “If you have livestock, you’ll have dead stock, too.” It’s so true
Aug. 10 2023
Even on the worst day, a baby calf can make you smile. They only really want one thing, and that’s food. Unlike the cows, our youngest calves can’t graze, nor do they quite understand that...
Aug. 3 2023
We are just about halfway through the 500 babies that will be born during this calving season on the farm in New Zealand where I am interning this summer
July 31 2023
There are so many decisions to be made on a farm. While some require quick, on-your-feet thinking, other decisions are best made after a careful review of the situation and hopefully with some data to...
July 19 2023
What’s the best calf starter? Of course, the answer is whatever starter fits your operation
July 17 2023
People who purchase calves from other farms to raise put a lot of trust in the source farm. The care those calves receive before and immediately after birth can make a big difference in how successful...
July 13 2023
It unfortunately doesn’t take much for a bright and bouncy dairy calf to become sick. Early intervention can often turn the calf back around, but even a simple illness may leave a lasting impact
July 6 2023
Electrolytes are often just the ticket calves need to get through a bout of diarrhea. Veterinarian Amelia Woolums recommends administering electrolytes as soon as diarrhea is identified to prevent dehydration,...