Jan. 14 2022
When temperatures are between 59°F and 82°F, a dairy calf can manage and control its body temperature with relative ease. “They are generating metabolic body heat and have normal exchange...
Jan. 14 2022
The long awaited publication of the eighth edition of Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) includes a chapter on calf nutrition
Dec. 27 2021
In my last article, I described how to identify cows that aborted in the dairy herd as a step to improve the reproductive performance
Dec. 27 2021
Conversations about calf feeding often focus on the liquid portion of the diet, either milk or milk replacer, but calf starter is an important part of the equation, too
Dec. 20 2021
It can seem difficult — or almost impossible — to keep water in front of calves in cold weather without having to deal with frozen buckets
Dec. 16 2021
As we brace ourselves and our farms for winter, there is one particularly vulnerable population on the dairy when it comes to cold weather.“Newborns are going to be the most susceptible animals
Dec. 14 2021
Sarah Morrison, a research scientist at the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute, presented, “Caring for calves in cold weather.”
Dec. 13 2021
“If you are considering group housing, you have to be really good at everything,” said veterinarian Terri Ollivett during her presentation
Dec. 2 2021
The pregnancy rate of the herd might be the best indicator to describe the effectiveness of the reproductive program at a dairy farm
Nov. 19 2021
For years, it was a goal for many dairy farmers to avoid calf-to-calf contact in their young stock housing. More recently, though, the industry has seen an opposite trend
Nov. 18 2021
Once calves are weaned off milk, some may believe the hardest part of raising heifers is done, but that is not the case, according to Casey Havekes
Nov. 11 2021
Housing calves in groups can sound like a jump into the deep end, far from the safe waters of individual pens long considered the standard to prevent disease transmission
Oct. 28 2021
Group housing for calves is a common topic of conversation in today’s dairy industry, but it’s not a system that is easy for all farms to implement
Sept. 23 2021
In any system, calf care is done best by individuals who are patient and detail focused
Sept. 17 2021
To stir milk replacer, we got ourselves a paint mixer for a cordless drill. It’s a fast and very effective way to mix the milk replacer for our calves
Sept. 16 2021
Through research and on-farm experience, we are unearthing more about the benefits of pair or group housing for calves
Sept. 14 2021
Raising calves on autofeeders — will it work for you? presented by Bob James, Virginia Techsponsored by TechMixIs it time for a change? Can we do a better job raising calves in a different way?...
Aug. 26 2021
At Synergy Dairy in Pulaski, Wis., Heather Jauquet has a lofty goal for preweaned calves to gain 2.5 pounds per day
June 10 2021
A majority of producers in the most recent National Animal Health Inspection Service (NAHMS) survey indicated that they provide heifer calves with 2 quarts or more of colostrum after the initial feeding