Nov. 30 2023 04:11 PM

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Thanks to the Nedap SmartFlow Milk Meter, farmers like Austin Webster of Greenleaf, Wis., can more closely monitor the pulse of their herd like never before, gaining timely, accurate, actionable insights into individual cow health and performance for improved management decisions.

“We can see right away if a cow deviates in milk production by a certain percentage,” notes Webster. “The information has helped us streamline how we care for our cows and it has helped us improve our milking times.”

The revolutionary compact wireless design ensures even and unrestricted milk and airflow through the meter. There are no flow obstructions or interruptions which could cause a vacuum drop or fluctuation. As a result, cows are milked more gently and completely than with any other metering technology, improving udder health and milk quality, including reduced free fatty acids.

The Nedap SmartFlow Milk Meter:

  • Is durable, easy to install, and cost-effective to maintain. Because it is wireless, there are no malfunctions related to faulty wiring.
  • Measures and registers the milk yield and flow rate of individual cows during each milking with the highest accuracy, empowering farmers with real-time performance and health insights on individual cows, groups, and the herd.

“Because we can monitor cow health and production on a daily basis more carefully, we can keep the most profitable cows in the stalls,” Webster adds. “It’s one of those systems I feel in this day and age is necessary to be competitive.”

The meter is simple, cost-effective and works on any size farm. It also meets the most rigorous accuracy standards in the industry with certification by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR).

SmartFlow meters offer dairy farms accurate, consistent data to help ensure each cow in their herd is profitable. Farmers can now know exactly how much milk each cow produces and use this information to improve management decisions. They can depend on the data’s precision because the milk meter meets stringent ICAR accuracy specifications.

This real-time, accurate information means farmers can confidently make management decisions for individual animals. Herd data such as milk flow or bimodal milk curves not only help monitor cow performance, but it can also help evaluate parlor work flow and protocol adherence.

This information means farmers can ensure each animal is performing at optimal levels or let farms know when an animal requires an intervention. Or it can help with parlor personnel training or retraining.

Learn more about how the SmartFlow Milk Meter can enhance your farm’s peak performance.