June 24 2024 10:57 AM

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On the dairy, decisions are never made in a vacuum. Each choice impacts the next.

Which is why Merck Animal Health has launched M-Power — a unique, full-solution approach to dairy management.

“We know the dairy industry is changing, it's evolving,” said Erica Tessmann, the Merck Animal Health Marketing Manager for Dairy Monitoring Technology. “Now, more than ever, we have to think about managing animals and people in a different way.”

So, what is M-Power?

It’s Allflex’s identification products, SenseHub® Dairy monitoring, and comprehensive animal health solutions, all available through Merck Animal Health. It’s all the powerful tools you need, but, just as importantly, it’s how they all work together to eliminate guesswork, solve specific problems, and put more milk in the tank. With this, you can cut waste and increase efficiency across your operation.

“We have a broader portfolio than anyone out there,” said Austin Snook, Merck Animal Health Dairy Marketing Manager. “We have the best technology, and we have the people who will work with you to give you the exact tools you need to make your dairy a success.”

With this approach, producers are empowered to think holistically, and to both look at the big picture and find gains across the dairy. With M-Power, there are six pillars designed to help producers find the solutions that fit their needs.

Calf Care

From an industry-leading portfolio of intranasal vaccines and innovative monitoring solutions to dedicated research and management support, M-Power solutions work in tandem to give each calf the best chance of reaching her lifetime production potential.

“You can redefine the future of your herd,” said Tessmann. “We're able to really fine-tune on the individual cow level so that we're taking the best care of every single animal within the herd.”

Reproductive Efficiency

With premier monitoring technology and hormones, the M-Power approach streamlines synchronization to elevate reproductive performance. These tools allow producers to improve detection of natural heats and enable targeted, judicious use of hormones.

“One of the most unique differentiators for the M-Power approach is being able to leverage technology solutions,” said Snook. “With technology, we can use that data with our products to deliver better results.

Productive Cows

With M-Power solutions designed to support cows during each phase of the lactation cycle, producers can improve milk quality and maximize production. Detecting potential illnesses sooner, tailoring treatment for individual animals, and minimizing stress during the transition period fosters productive cows and a profitable dairy.

“All these tools work together to eliminate guesswork, solve problems quickly and, ultimately, put more milk in the tank,” said Tessmann.

Herd Health

Only the M-Power portfolio can give dairies greater control of their operation. With the support of the Merck Animal Health team, monitoring and identification products combine to uncover and proactively manage herd health for peak performance and well-being, while more targeted and deliberate use of biopharmaceuticals helps control disease and treat animals with optimal efficiency.

“This is all supported through experienced technical service, technical support, customer success teams, and sales teams,” said Snook. “Whatever your needs are, there’s a team and approach to meet them.”

Cow-Level Management

As the leaders in visual and electronic identification, traceability, and dairy monitoring, Merck Animal Health empowers producers to operate at the individual cow level and eliminate guesswork in animal care.

“We want people to be excited to take care of cows, and we feel like Merck Animal Health has that to offer to the dairy, to their employees, to the veterinarians,” said Tessmann. “We’ve been able to bring together monitoring technology, identification, electronic identification, RFID technology, and biopharma to get better results than we have ever had before.”

Industry Commitment

M-Power represents an unconditional commitment to advancing the dairy industry. That’s why Merck Animal Health is investing in technologies, research, and programs that make a difference and deliver tools to help you thrive.

“What I find really exciting about M-Power is that it not only represents how far we've come in the industry, but all the potential we continue to have to move forward,” said Snook. “It’s going to look different five years from now and 10 years from now. But one thing that won’t be different is it will be Merck Animal Health leading the way.”

Ready to see the future of dairy? Speak with your Merck Animal Health rep today or visit M-Power-Dairy.com to learn more.

With identification, monitoring and biopharma products fully integrated in one portfolio, Merck Animal Health offers the only true full-solution approach in the dairy industry. That means you get the tools you need to eliminate guesswork, solve specific problems, let cows be cows and put more milk in the tank. It’s the way you want to work, working better than ever before. Learn more about this unique approach to dairy at M-Power-Dairy.com.