April 14 2022
Traditionally, economists who follow dairy would predict that high milk prices bring forth more cows and more milk production
Dec. 9 2021
Heifers can do very well when raised in freestalls, and the overall footprint and bedding requirements of a freestall barn is often smaller than that of loose housing
Sept. 30 2021
When designing a barn for voluntary milking systems or robots, one big decision is how many cows can be milked per machine
June 21 2021
On Thursday, June 24 at 10 a.m., BC Organics will break ground on their new and long anticipated 16-unit anaerobic digestion facility
May 31 2021
The opportunity to build new infrastructure on a farm is always exciting but also a big undertaking!
Sept. 19 2016
90-head heifer barn, free stalls, 63'x180', open side
Sept. 19 2016
Super calf hutch, 12'x19', 8 weaned calves, portable
Sept. 19 2016
Bulk storage shed, several bays
Sept. 12 2016
Gated freestall heifer barn, cold type, six designs
Aug. 23 2013
Your one stop shop for dairy planning! From the planning and development process to various housing options, this book contains tables, charts, figures and measurements to customize your dairy housing...
April 8 2010
Hoof trimming chute, portable, pipe frame construction
April 8 2010
High-tensile wire fencing book on use and construction
April 8 2010
3-bedroom farm home with basement, alternate floor plans
April 8 2010
Self-feeding wagon rack, 14'-20' lengths (30-50 head)
April 8 2010
by Dave Kammel, UW- Madison. Swing parlor, design factors and layout, 18 pages