May 13 2024
Hoard’s Dairyman Editor Abby Bauer was joined by Luiz Ferraretto, an assistant professor and extension specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. to discuss silage inoculants
March 21 2024
In past articles, I have addressed some limitations of undegraded neutral detergent fiber (uNDF) as an indicator of forage quality
Jan. 25 2024
Ideally, you should only purchase as much silage inoculant as you can use in the current crop season
Nov. 14 2023
To better organize our tire sidewalls used to cover the silage pile, we built this rack out of I-beams and 2-inch tubing
Sept. 4 2023
“This harvest for silage is going to be different, but let’s embrace the opportunity at hand and manage what we can,” said John Goeser during the August Hoard’s Dairyman webinar....
Aug. 28 2023
In parts of the country that haven’t chopped corn for silage yet, the anticipation grows in regard to when the crop will be ready and how good the feed will be. During the August Hoard’s Dairyman...
Aug. 24 2023
Optimizing corn harvest for silage under variable growing conditionspresented by John Goeser, Rock River Laboratorysponsored by Lallemand During this session, Goeser will lean on hi
Aug. 11 2023
It is Corn Silage Harvest 2023 here at Hillcrest Farms. This year we have been blessed with rain and a good corn crop
June 5 2023
It’s not very frequently that I can reference and expand upon what I’ve learned during my days as a Ph.D. candidate
Feb. 23 2023
Over the past few weeks, our Goeser household has had a fair amount of sluggish behavior following bacterial and viral-borne illnesses that ran through our family
Feb. 22 2023
Herd it Here podcasts generate insightful and informative discussions on current dairy industry topics
Aug. 25 2022
Farming is filled with factors that are out of our control, and one of the main ones is the weather
Aug. 22 2022
Fermentation is a crucial step in turning fresh chopped silage into a more nutritious, more digestible feedstuff for our dairy cows
Aug. 18 2022
Corn harvest for silage is underway for Southern growers and about to kick into high gear for many Northern dairy forage growers and farmers
March 10 2022
We are at the end of the winter, and soon it will be time to start harvesting winter grass forages for silage. Recently, I have been asked whether grass and legume mixtures ensile well
Feb. 21 2022
In a typical year, high moisture corn and corn silage would be feeding to nearly its full potential by this time in the calendar year. This year is different
Nov. 15 2021
Hay crop silage making is finished for this year for many dairymen. Typically, it would be months before thoughts turn to ensiling the spring hay crop
Sept. 23 2021
Feed costs — especially corn grain — have risen substantially this year. Maximizing the nutritional value of homegrown forages is always a top priority for profitable dairy farming
Sept. 13 2021
The starch content of corn silage is a key driver of quality and impacts the opportunity to build a cost-effective ration to drive high milk production