Sept. 25 2020
For nearly every dairy farmer, corn silage harvest season is one of the most important periods of the entire year. As more and more farms transition toward rations high in corn silage, it becomes even
April 30 2020
While the world changes, dairy cattle diets are also evolving for many. Several dairies have considered, or are actively, feeding unpasteurized milk back to the herd to avoid wasting a nutritious product
Jan. 10 2020
The 2019 corn silage crop appears to have potential based upon early sample analysis summaries. However, the key word in this introduction is “potential.”
Nov. 15 2019
High rainfall totals this past spring, often accompanied by flooding, left many farmers in the Corn Belt, the Upper Midwest, and the Northeast unable to plant corn until well after the recommended time
Nov. 4 2019
Guidelines for selecting a silage hybrid Presented by Bill MahannaBrought to you by Pioneer In this webinar Bill Mahanna provided an overview of the main agronomic and nutritional factors to consider
Aug. 26 2019
As corn silage makes its way from the field to the farm, proper storage becomes essential
Aug. 19 2019
There’s been no shortage of stories on the abysmal start to the forage season this year
June 17 2019
When considering forage fermentation as a measure of forage crop quality, we need to compare it against expected values
Oct. 10 2018
The author is a freelance writer in Indianapolis, Ind. He recently traveled to the Netherlands to interview dairy farmers and processors.De Jong normally lays down six layers of grass silage (a layer
Sept. 10 2018
Up until about two weeks ago, the Upper Midwest and Northeast were rushing toward maturity with warm temperatures and relatively dry conditions
Aug. 10 2018
Cows being fed corn silage often tell two different tales when changing from old to new crop silage. In some years, the story is positive with a resulting uptick in animal health and performance. At o
Aug. 6 2018
“For bunker silos and drive-over piles and similar storage methods, the uppermost layer of forage is more prone to oxygen exposure and loss of dry matter and nutrients,” Iowa State’s...
July 2 2018
SilageSnap, a new app available this July for your mobile device, can provide dairy producers and custom operators an accurate method for checking the kernel processor roller settings during harvest
Aug. 14 2017
The uptick in alternative forages in dairy cattle diets across the country has drawn many researchers to the question of what nutritional profile do they offer when included in rations
Aug. 7 2017
Mother Nature’s been no friend to dairy producers trying to make forages in the northern part of the United States this year
Sept. 5 2016
Safe bunks require top planning. Corn silage harvest season is upon us. While chopping in the southern United States may be wrapped up, many locations in the North are just gearing up for this busy time...
Jan. 4 2016
On the road to preservation, silage goes through four phases: aerobic, fermentation, storage and, finally, feedout. During the anaerobic phase, the crop uses up sugars and protein while it respires. At...
Dec. 14 2015
by Amanda Smith, Associate Editor We've all seen silage spoilage. The flecks of colored mold sprinkled throughout a bunker. The layer of discoloration across the middle of a face. The thick, black crust...
Aug. 17 2015
"Too wet, too dry and just right," Goldilocks would say when evaluating corn silage, with just right being our goal! Growing high-yielding, high-quality corn is only half the battle when it comes to silage...