July 1 2019
Reproductive herd health visits by veterinarians have changed tremendously with the use of ultrasound technology
June 14 2019
Synchronization strategies for heifers. Heifers do not provide a return on investment until after entering the milking string
April 29 2019
How many cattle ranchers catch beef heifers and cows to breed them via artificial insemination (A.I.)?
March 18 2019
Brian Schilling of Schilling Farms LLC, in Darlington, Wis., along with the herd’s veterinarian, BJ Jones, D.V.M., presented “This award-winning herd talks about reproductive strategies”...
March 16 2019
Brian Schilling from Schilling Dairy of Darlington, Wis., highlighted key aspects of their reproductive program, which has led to a 42 percent pregnancy rate and more Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council...
Nov. 15 2018
The history of preserving bovine semen goes back more than 75 years. If you are past retirement age, you’ll remember semen being packaged in 1 cc glass ampules
Nov. 9 2018
ThIs year’s 11th annual Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) award winners prove that constant improvement is a must
Oct. 10 2018
Dairy cattle, like other cattle breeds, are a monotocous species. In other words, they usually ovulate only one egg per heat cycle
Aug. 25 2018
in a previous column, I discussed a project that was developed to explore genetic diversity and to re-establish two lost Holstein paternal lineages
Aug. 10 2018
About 38 years ago, the first prostaglandin (PGF) product was introduced into the U.S. market
June 29 2018
“The 1960’s Holsteins here are basically a herd frozen in time,” said Brad Heins, an associate professor and manager of the University of Minnesota’s Organic Dairy Research and...
June 15 2018
In 1979, the first prostaglandin product, commercially known as Lutalyse, came to the marketplace. It allowed veterinarians and farmers new opportunities to manage the estrous cycle by i
April 25 2018
Every dairy farmer is striving for the same thing: the prefect cow. She milks better than any other cow and her components are 5 percent fat and 4 percent protein. She’s obviously pretty
April 23 2018
Not that many decades ago, ballottement or “bumping” a cow’s abdomen to check for a calf was a common method of pregnancy detection
April 2 2018
Is there something in blackberries that really improves the reproductive performance of dairy cows?
Feb. 10 2018
John Wooden, a highly successful basketball coach for the UCLA Bruins, is quoted to have said: “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”
Jan. 25 2018
I discussed the introduction of national health evaluations for Holsteins by the CDCB (Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding) in the December 2017 article “National health evaluations coming for Holstein
Dec. 15 2017
The CDCB (Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding) announced during this year’s World Dairy Expo that they will conduct genetic evaluations for six disease resistance traits
Dec. 11 2017
What are the most important metrics that the nation’s top herds use to monitor reproduction?
Dec. 4 2017
Veterinarian Cesar Narciso pointed to some advantages of IVF (in vitro fertilization), including accelerated genetic gain by using genomically superior donors, strategic reproduction management (like crossbreeding...