Aug. 21 2020
Reproductive physiology is unique. The field is a subspecialty of the physiology discipline that includes the studies of andrology, gynecology, theriogenology, and obstetrics, which imply a clinical application
May 18 2020
Dairy herds have made great strides in reproductive efficiency over the years. One only has to look at numbers from just two decades ago to note these remarkable improvements
May 12 2020
The implications of high pregnancy rates on reproductive strategiespresented by Paul Fricke, University of Wisconsin-Madison
May 11 2020
“Remember that a cow is a mother, and her calf is a baby.” — W.D. Hoard
April 27 2020
Once conception occurs in every species, there is always a chance that the newly formed embryo will not survive to birth. Loss of pregnancy is frustrating and can occur at various stages of gestation
April 20 2020
For dairy producers incorporating beef semen into their breeding programs, there are a lot of benefits
March 30 2020
The use of beef semen on the dairy herd provides added income when it comes to selling bull calves, but there’s so much more to like about incorporating beef semen into a breeding program and a lot...
March 27 2020
If there are any skeptics that do not believe in the power of genetic selection, then they have been ignoring the facts. The magical history of genetic selection has translated into more milk per cow
March 19 2020
The dairy farmer’s tools for managing their herd’s reproduction continue to advance, and this book will help you understand and utilize them
March 10 2020
Do you scratch your head on pregnancy check day and wonder why you did not get as many cows pregnant as you desired?
Dec. 2 2019
“Cows are watched for heats as soon as the postfresh cows are 25 days in milk (DIM),” said Brian Schilling, a Platinum winner of the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council’s 12th annual awards...
Nov. 25 2019
“Double ovsynch is our choice of presynch method for all first services. We have tried other synch programs and have even gone without a synch program, but no alternatives have delivered the consistent...
Oct. 17 2019
There’s no doubt that inbreeding has been a topic heavy on dairy farmers’ minds as we’ve progressed through the genomic era
July 1 2019
Reproductive herd health visits by veterinarians have changed tremendously with the use of ultrasound technology
June 14 2019
Synchronization strategies for heifers. Heifers do not provide a return on investment until after entering the milking string
April 29 2019
How many cattle ranchers catch beef heifers and cows to breed them via artificial insemination (A.I.)?
March 18 2019
Brian Schilling of Schilling Farms LLC, in Darlington, Wis., along with the herd’s veterinarian, BJ Jones, D.V.M., presented “This award-winning herd talks about reproductive strategies”...
March 16 2019
Brian Schilling from Schilling Dairy of Darlington, Wis., highlighted key aspects of their reproductive program, which has led to a 42 percent pregnancy rate and more Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council...
Nov. 15 2018
The history of preserving bovine semen goes back more than 75 years. If you are past retirement age, you’ll remember semen being packaged in 1 cc glass ampules
Nov. 9 2018
ThIs year’s 11th annual Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) award winners prove that constant improvement is a must