The fifth annual conference pairs with the NMPF/UDIA/DMI conference for the first time. It will touch on the full spectrum of BVDV diseases.

The bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) can really hurt a herd. By suppressing the cow's immune system, BVDV can cause a number of diseases. Making things worse, if BVDV infects a cow at 50 to 100 days into gestation, abortion is likely to occur, making this disease far more costly – and at the same time harder to detect – than most diseases and disorders. Because of this, we encourage you to look at the program for the fifth annual U.S. BVDV symposium. It is taking place November 17 and 18, immediately following the joint annual meeting of National Milk Producers Federation, the National Dairy Promotion & Research Board, & the United Dairy Industry Association in San Diego, at the same location as the aforementioned meeting. Because of this first-time pairing, the BVDV conference has a special Thursday morning session for those producers who may want to stick around to learn more. The rest of the meeting (Thursday afternoon and all day Friday) is not geared towards producers, but instead looks at the science behind BVDV. You can learn more about the BVDV conference by clicking here. Dairy producers need only pay $50 to attend, while all others are $275.