I placed this class of Brown Swiss aged cows C A B D. C wins the class in a very close placing over A. It is C's overall dairyness, style, balance, and feet and legs that carry her to the top. C is a taller, longer individual that is sharper over her shoulders, more chiseled over her topline, has more openness and spring of rib, and is cleaner through the rump. C has more depth of heart and matching capacity of rear rib. C also carries her udder higher above the hocks than A. I do grant that A has a smoother fore udder attachment and a more level udder floor.

A uses her definite advantages in her mammary system to easily place over B. A has a higher and wider rear udder which is fuller at the top. A also has more bloom to her mammary system and a deeper crease. A is a more balanced individual throughout, having more strength and power through her front end complemented by her openness and depth of rib. A is straighter across her topline and more level from hooks to pins. I do grant that B has a smoother fore udder attachment than A.

In my bottom pair, B uses her dairyness and advantages in her mammary system to place over D. B is more feminine through her head and neck, cleaner through her front end, more incurving through her thigh, and cleaner in her hock. B also has a longer, smoother fore udder attachment and more bloom to her udder. I do grant that D has more size, strength and power than B. Although I do admire her massive frame, D places logically on the bottom as she lacks the overall dairyness and cleanness of bone along with bloom to her udder to place any higher.

Jacob HushonJacob Hushon
Fort Atkinson, Wis.
Hushon placed the BROWN SWISS. A Penn State graduate, Hushon is marketing manager for New Generation Genetics and co-owner of Brothers Three Brown Swiss. Together with his two brothers, he bred, owned and developed 31 All-American nominations of which 16 were either All-American or Reserve All-American. In 2009, he was named Outstanding Young Brown Swiss Breeder. Hushon has judged shows in eight states, Colombia and Honduras. The list includes the Red and White, Milking Shorthorn, Guernsey and Brown Swiss shows at the Premier National Junior Show, and Brown Swiss at the North American.
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