I place this class of Brown Swiss cows B A C D. I found a handy winner in B as she exhibits so much style and balance. B places over A for her tremendous advantage in her mammary system, being higher and wider in her rear attachment and longer in her fore udder attachment. In addition, B shows more openness of rib and is sharper over the withers. I do admit A has more crease between her rear quarters than B.

In a close middle pair, A follows the pattern of the winning cow and places over C for exhibiting more breed character through the front end. A is more feminine about the head, longer and leaner in the neck. In addition, A shows more refinement of bone and stands on a stronger set of pasterns than C. A is also wider through her hips and pins and is neater at the tailhead setting than C. I do concede that C shows more bloom and capacity to the udder while displaying a higher, wider rear attachment than A.

C easily places over D because of her advantage in mammary system. C has more uniform width to her rear udder attachment while having a stronger, smoother fore udder. In addition, C shows more veination than D. Furthermore, C is a sharper more angular cow throughout and is stronger in her loin than D. I do grant that D is cleaner about the hock and stands on a stronger set of pasterns than C.

WILLIAM KELLY III, Winchester, N.H. placed the BROWN SWISS. He owns Kelly-View Farm LLC with his wife, Kristie, their daughters, and other family members. They milk 45 registered Holsteins and Brown Swiss and have been Premier Breeder and Exhibitor 18 of the last 20 years at the Eastern States Brown Swiss show. A Virginia Tech graduate, Kelly was high individual at the 1990 National Intercollegiate Dairy Judging Contest. Since then, he has judged in 17 states, including shows at Harrisburg, Pa., Madison, Wis., and in Columbia and Ecuador. He has served on the All American panels for Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Holstein and Milking Shorthorn.