April 6 2023 02:27 PM


In this great class of Guernsey cows, B is a handy winner as she has the best udder, especially noting she has the highest and widest rear udder in the class. She uses that advantage to place over A. Also, B blends a little nicer in her fore udder than A. She also is longer in her frame. I do admit A has a bit more spring to her rib.

A goes over D in a very close placing in which I give the advantage to A on spring to her rib structure and by showing a little more dairyness throughout. In addition, A has a more defined crease to her rear udder. I do grant D has more depth of heart.

In a very logical placing, D places over C in having a more desirable teat placement and size of her teat. D is also a bit higher and wider at the top of her rear udder and has more balance to her rear quarters, noting the light right quarter on C. To tip the scales even further, D has more depth of rib throughout and tracks more desirably on her rear feet and legs. While C may be a bit wider through the rump, she lacks the quality of udder to place higher in this class.

About the Judge . . . PHILLIP TOPP

Botkins, Ohio

Topp placed the GUERNSEYS. Topp owns a herd of 40 registered cows consisting of all breeds. He has been very active in showing and has exhibited many champions at the Ohio State Fair, the North American International Livestock Exposition, and World Dairy Expo, including the 1999 Grand Champion of the International Brown Swiss Show. Topp has served as the official judge of both the Ayrshire and Guernsey shows and as the associate judge for the Brown Swiss and Jersey shows at World Dairy Expo. He also is a co-owner of a fabricating maintenance business, specializing in stainless steel tig welding.