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The Canadian Brown Swiss & Braunvieh Association (CBSBA) have signed an agreement to have Holstein Canada take care of all administrative services for the CBSBA.

“We have been pleased with the quality of support offered by Holstein Canada for classification and Herdbook services in recent years, so it seemed like a natural fit to expand our collaboration,” explained CBSBA president Ken Drummond.

The agreement covers all aspects of administration, from Board support and financial reporting to managing Awards.

Holstein Canada will be picking up the task of administrative support previously offered by EastGen, with the transition of services taking place over the summer. “We can’t thank EastGen, and particularly Jessie Weir, enough for the great collaboration over the years,” added President Drummond.

Holstein Canada CEO Ann Louise Carson stated, “Holstein Canada is very pleased to expand our working relationship with CBSBA, in the spirit of industry efficiency. Holstein Canada has been proud to be a multi-breed bilingual service provider since 2005 and will continue to do so in the respect of each breed’s goals.”