April 16 2019 10:15 AM

The fully automated system pushes and remixes feed making rations more appealing – helping increase consumption and improve milk production.

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DeLaval announced today the launch of OptiDuo™ robotic feed refresher – an automated feed pusher and remixer working twice as hard to help improve farm productivity.

Not only does it push feed back to the feed bunk, but it remixes it, making it more appealing to cows by avoiding compression and helping to reduce waste. More visits to the feedbunk may also mean better cow traffic and less competition and stress while eating.

  • Optimized productivity. With OptiDuo, cows can consume more, resulting in higher milk yields of up to 4.4 lbs. per day.* OptiDuo is the only feed pusher on the market with an optional concentrate dispenser, further enticing cows to eat more.
  • Increased work efficiency. OptiDuo runs around the clock, giving cows consistent access to appetizing feed and saving producers up to $2,500 per year in labor.* It can make up to 10 trips a day, helping reduce weigh back to 1%* and save money.
  • Adapt to feed changes. The unit’s Adaptive Drive system gives producers the flexibility to feed their herds seasonally as OptiDuo can effectively handle varying amounts and types of feed, including total mixed ration, straw, hay and fresh grass.
  • Operates safely. OptiDuo’s smart navigation system helps ensure it is always where it is supposed to be, and safety bumpers on all sides automatically stop the unit if it senses a person, object or animal.

DeLaval OptiDuo works well with barns of all types, perfect for both conventional and robotic milking systems. “It’s a great addition to any DeLaval VMS operation because it complements the dairy producer’s feeding strategy between the milking robot and the feed bunk,” Muhieddine Labban, Robotics Solution Manager, said. “The DeLaval body condition scoring system, which helps monitor cow health, can maximize OptiDuo’s efficiency by delivering the right feed ration to cows.”

DeLaval OptiDuo was previewed at popular dairy industry tradeshows in the U.S. and Canada, and is now available for sales in North America. For more information about OptiDuo, contact a local DeLaval dealer.

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