Feb. 22 2021 08:20 AM

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You may have heard of artificial intelligence, data and analytics, and the Internet of things before. But how do they impact dairy? The dairy industry, and in particular its supply chain, is on the precipice of extraordinary change. Like other industries, there is an outward cry for a more flexible, more granular, and more accurate supply chain. Other industries have reaped the benefits of supply chain digitization and optimization. The dairy industry will undoubtedly follow suit, with Milk Moovement at the forefront of this change.

Digitization and optimization in practice

You can’t optimize your supply chain before you digitize it. Take Amazon, for example. When Jeff Bezos started Amazon in his garage in 1994, his business was simply an online bookstore. The things we associate with Amazon, such as real-time order status, same-day delivery, and rock-bottom discounts, were non-existent in the beginning. As Bezos digitized his supply chain, he found new and innovative ways to use his reams of data to improve his company. Today, Amazon is a global giant that has moved from digitizing to optimizing its supply chain. But can similar efficiencies be achieved in the dairy supply chain as well?

Why the dairy industry is next

Food security is essential to our future. Deloitte estimates that the world will require 60% more food by 2050. The demand is abundantly clear. What’s more, The Boston Consulting Group estimates that companies who emphasize supply chain enhancements can improve operating margins by up to 110%, lower working capital costs by up to 30%, and reduce time to adapt to changing demand by up to 25%. The combination of increased demand and opportunities to improve efficiency and profitability make dairy a clear candidate for disruption. Finally, McKinsey & Company estimates that supply chains encompass 90% of your organization’s environmental impact. This environmental impact is a result of things such as pollution from transportation and spoilage. Investing in your digital supply chain will provide profits today and a better world for our children tomorrow.

The present and future of dairy

The dairy industry is just beginning its digitization journey. Processors, cooperatives, producers, and haulers rely on supply chain technologies like Milk Moovement to join the digital revolution. At Milk Moovement, we partner with clients across the entire supply chain to bring them actionable intelligence to improve their business. We achieve this via the digitization and, ultimately, optimization of your supply chain. However, it’s not just about digitization. It’s about cost-savings as well. As one of many proof points, clients using Milk Moovement have seen an 85% reduction in administrative expenses alone.

As we look forward, there is a tremendous opportunity to optimize the dairy supply chain. These opportunities include route optimization, real-time demand forecasting, and data and analytics. Milk Moovement helps you digitize your supply chain today with the capabilities to optimize your supply chain tomorrow. Dairy supply chain technology is what we do. Let us show you how #DairyFreakingCool supply chain technology can be. Be sure to check out our free cost savings calculator to see how much Milk Moovement will benefit your organization, or book a demo today!