April 14 2021 01:51 PM


For my top pair, I placed D over B for her advantage in feet and legs, as D has a little less set to her hock and also more depth of heel. D is straighter and harder over her top and tighter through her shoulders. D also has a more correct slope from hooks to pins, is more nearly level on her udder floor, and is showing more dairyness by having a cleaner and flatter bone through her hock. I do grant B has more width to her rear udder attachment, along with more quality to the mammary system.

In my middle pair, B uses her overall advantage in mammary system and dairyness to place ahead of A. B has a longer, smoother, tighter fore udder attachment that blends nicer into her body wall. B has more height and width to the rear udder attachment as well as more quality throughout the mammary system. B also shows more dairyness by being cleaner through her neck and sharper over her shoulders. I grant A is wider through her rump.

A uses her advantage in feet and legs to place above C in my final placing. A has a cleaner and flatter bone through her hock and is a touch straighter in the set to her leg. A has more depth of heel, is stronger in her pasterns, and is smoother blending down through her pasterns. A also has more depth to her median suspensory ligament. A is longer and more feminine through her head and neck and has more width through her chest floor. C lacks the overall dairy character and correctness to her feet and legs and udder to place any higher.

About the Judge . . . Reid Lundy

Reid Lundy
Argyle, N.Y.
Lundy placed the RED AND WHITES. Lundy, his wife, Breanna, and his family own and operate Luncrest Farm, and they are part owners in Hebron Hillside Dairy where they milk 400 registered Holsteins between the two farms. The Lundy family has bred or owned six All-American nominations and have won Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor at a number of local, state, and regional shows. Lundy has judged numerous shows throughout the Northeast and was the associate judge of the Red and White Holstein Show at the North American Open Dairy Show in 2020. He is also on the Holstein Association USA judges list.