July 12 2021 08:00 AM

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Consumer acceptance and food choices are shaping world demand for dairy products. Food safety, sustainability, and animal welfare1 are the most important and valuable key drivers. They also influence new policies.

And, to maintain their social license and loyal consumers, milk producers are being called upon to reply to these requests properly. In particular, this includes aspects concerning animal care.

For the past 70 years, dairy farmers have dealt with udder issues by relying on the power and effectiveness of antibiotics.

Despite improvements achieved, with the developing phenomenon of antimicrobial resistance, we now need to prevent and control infections in cows differently.

Thus, along with best herd management practices, new concepts and new tools are needed. Moreover, animal health goes hand in hand with animal welfare and sustainability 2.

But while listening to consumer’s expectations, we must meet our own needs as milk producers.

We have to reduce milk discards due to withdrawal periods. And we also have to ship quality milk, thus helping the overall dairy supply chain to perform to the best of its abilities3.

Would coming closer to consumer expectations mean further cost for dairy farmers? What if we had the opportunity to do it without increasing costs, and even increase our profit?

This is a complete revolution of dairy farming; thus, new and innovative approaches should be welcomed to suit the needs of the entire dairy system, from animals to consumers.

OZOLEA was founded with the aim of embracing a revolutionary approach to udder issues.

How? By pioneering a new way to protect udder tissue4 based on the simple and effective creation of a physical film barrier, and thus being part of an improved dairy herd management program.

This is how OZOLEA-MAST works. This animal device was designed to meet the needs of animals, farmers, processors, and consumers.

It has no active chemical substances, meaning no cytotoxicity for the animal; no withdrawal periods for the farmer; no residues at all for dairy processors; and safer and more sustainable dairy products for consumers.

It is something totally different with respect to antibiotics. Thus, no comparison is possible.

Being an animal device, it does not need FDA approval5. As a matter of fact, it was cleared by the FDA in March 2020. It is also approved as a compliant input for organic dairy farming in Wisconsin6.

Please contact us to receive a complete OZOLEA-MAST product brochure to learn how each protocol can help you solve udder related issues: americas@ozolea.it

1 An interesting focus is available here.

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3 OZOLEA went deeper into this topic in a recent focus, available here.

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