March 6 2023 08:00 AM

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Due to the wide range of crop types, plant moistures, harvesting conditions, and forage storage types on farms throughout the United States, inoculants are not a one-size-fits-all product. Inoculants can be formulated with multiple different strains of bacteria and enzymes based on their targeted end use, allowing farmers to choose products that fit their individual needs. High-quality forage inoculants are key to making higher quality feed to support animal productivity.

What Does a High-Quality Inoculant Do

High-quality inoculants are viable cultures of lactic acid bacteria that, when used properly, stimulate the fermentation of forages to help dairy farmers make higher quality silage to feed their cows. High-quality forage inoculants have shown significant economic advantages in addition to:

  • Improved dry matter recovery
  • Improved speed of fermentation
  • Reduced final silage pH due to higher lactic acid production
  • Improved nutrient digestibility
  • Enhanced palatability

How to Find a High-Quality Inoculant

There are many high-quality inoculants available in the market. There are significant differences between the different strains of bacteria found in inoculants. Bacteria strains used in inoculants may appear the same on labels because of the genus/species naming convention, but there are tremendous genetic differences between individual strains of bacteria within a bacterial species.

How do you know you are receiving a high-quality inoculant?

First, consider quality assurance. Quality assurance is the most critical aspect of choosing a high-quality inoculant. Product stability and quality can vary significantly between inoculant brands, and it is crucial to be able to back up viability claims all the way up to the applicator and the forage.

Next, ask for research data on the actual blends of bacterial strains used in the products. Inoculant suppliers often share general inoculant technical or research data with no information specific to exact bacterial strains.

Promote® Forage-Mate® Inoculants

Promote Forage-Mate offers a line of forage inoculants for producers of silage, balage, hay and other feeds. The line of inoculants is designed for various crop types, moistures, and harvesting conditions, enabling you to find the right product for your individual needs.

Promote Forage-Mate has many measures in place to assure the bacteria are viable until they reach our customer and remain viable until applied if the customer handles the product properly.

Promote Forage-Mate inoculants are supported by research in areas including improving nutrient retention, decreasing dry matter loss, improving aerobic stability and increasing fiber digestibility.

Book Early to Save on Inoculants

Booking Promote Forage-Mate inoculants early saves you 10% off retail prices when you book before March 31. By booking early you get to determine delivery dates based on expected harvest and pay at time of delivery. Plus, you can increase or decrease your order in season with no penalty and at the same discounted price.

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