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Over the past several months Impact Fusion International Inc. has been conducting trials of its SGP+™ Alternative Proprietary Formulation for Beef and Dairy Cattle on multiple herds in Texas and Louisiana.

Using established qualitative science performed by ranchers in these locations supported by the IFUS Science Team producing evidentiary pictures, reports, videos, and data, IFUS is pleased to report broader validation of improved herd performance, while reducing cost of ration. To that end, IFUS has published a Slide Deck Sales presentation aimed at Small to Mid-Size Ranching operations.

With commercial sales of the validated SGP+™ underway, combined with the publishing of independent scientific findings, IFUS is expanding its operations so as to generate continued success and implementation of its proprietary SGP+™ brand throughout the country.

Marc Walther, CEO of Impact Fusion International Inc., announced today the Company made public, for the first time, a power point presentation demonstrating the science behind its proprietary alternative animal feed, SGP+™. Click here to download the presentation.

Supported by numerous scientific journals, presentations, research papers, videos and reports from participating cattle and dairy ranchers, based in the USA, the power point presentation offers a detailed overview across many sectors in the animal husbandry industry. The fundamental scientific research supports the science upon which SGP+™ is based.

Key elements highlighted in the presentation include:

  • Is it Safe?
  • Does it Work?
  • Will it Reduce My Costs?
  • Is it Environmentally Friendly?

The answer to all of the above noted questions is an unqualified "yes" and is supported by video reports, written documentation and on site inspections and observations. Of the many positive reports, the following are in the top 6 categories:

When applied as a technology under closely monitored ration management, ranchers and dairymen report with pictures, videos, and commentary on over 600 Head of Angus Heifers (in four locations in multiple herds), 1500 Holstein Heifers and 250 plus Mixed Breed Heifers:

  • Improved overall health and wellness of heifers.
  • Improved health and wellness of progeny born within herds.
  • Improved estrous cycle amongst heifers.
  • Reduction in the quantity of high-priced feed stocks and high-energy "junk-food" fed to heifers (e.g., grains, hay, supplements, chicken waste, candy, etc.)
  • Reduction in the quantity of manure and urine produced as well as the concentration of ammonia smell in urine along with less burping and runny, gaseous manure.
  • Reduction in antibiotic application and other medications.

"The Company is confident in the efficacy of its proprietary brand SGP+™ animal supplement and is dedicated to addressing the animal feed crisis in America," stated Marc Walther CEO.

If you are a rancher and require more information about SGP+™ and our current pricing, please contact the Company by email at or call 1-800-775-4130.

Please visit our website at for more information about our proprietary formula Nutri-Mastic™.

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