July 10 2023 08:00 AM

Sponsored content created by Taliah Danzinger, VAS senior manager of dairy intelligence

Swimming in data? You’re not alone. Whether it’s data from your herd management software, milk testing, parlor or milking robot, or other technologies you use, today’s dairies are inundated with data.

The key to getting the most from your data is knowing how to wade through the noise, focus on the data that matters and turn it into actionable insights.

Here’s how to make more meaningful connections with your herd’s data.

1. Take a data inventory. Review all the technology you’re using across the dairy. How many apps and dashboards are you looking at every day? Which ones are you getting value from?

Can you consolidate your data streams? Dashboards are a great way to direct data traffic and find focus. You can integrate most of your dairy’s data into one place using a dashboard, such as the VAS PULSE Platform. This cloud-based technology makes it easy to view your data and collaborate with your team anytime. Perhaps you already have the ability to tie your data streams together, but you’re not sure how to do it. Ask your herd management software support team what’s possible.

2. Be intentional with your data. Understand what you’re trying to accomplish when reviewing your data. What are you trying to glean from it? You can sit in your barn office and spend hours perusing the data, but what will it do for your dairy?

Using a dashboard lets you focus on your dairy's key information now. For example, you likely don’t check your number of retained placentas daily or weekly. But if you get into some bad silage and experience more retained placentas and metritis, you will want to keep a closer eye. Setting up a health widget within your dashboard will allow you to track these health events closer. Once you get the number in control, then you can adjust your widgets to focus on the next opportunity areas. You can also set up automatic text or email alerts to stay within your goal threshold for specific health events.

3. Do your homework before jumping into new technology. If you’re considering adding new technology, take time to assess the full picture:

  • What problem will this technology help us solve?
  • What information will it provide?
  • How do we plan to use it?
  • Who will be responsible for tracking it?
  • How will we calculate the ROI?
  • How will it fit into our existing technology landscape?
  • Can it automate more processes for my team?

I recently visited a farm that added herd monitoring system collars. They shared that they weren’t opening the system’s dashboard and using the data enough. However, they were using a dashboard daily with their herd management software. They didn’t realize it could also integrate the collar’s data – eliminating the need to view it separately. Now they’ve integrated the collar data into their primary herd management dashboard and are getting more value from this technology.

Ask the right questions and research your integration options to get the most from your technology investments.

Connect and streamline your dairy’s data for powerful insights with the VAS PULSE Platform.

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