The All Dairy Antiques and Collectibles Show was held September 16 to 21 at the Farm show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as part of the All-American Dairy Show.

A framed history of the development of the True Type Holstein Model Cow (1922), exhibited by Jeff Reasner, Newburg, PA, is flanked by the current True Type cow and bull models.

These bottles, represent famous PA Holstein herds. (Margin and Ellie Stout, Tunkannock, PA.) Singing-Brook bred cattle with Paclamar breeding emphasis. Pen-Col placed the most Holstein sires in AI. Hillside Farms, an early U.S. Holstein herd, was founded in 1885.

David Evans who brought his he collection of dairy memorabilia all the way from Litchfield, MI, is always delighted to explain the items to show visitors.

Jack Haley, Seaford, DE, (right) was interviewed by Will Nichols of the PA Department of Agriculture Press Office. Jack provided a lot of interesting information on the show.

The Guernsey can is considered the last surviving relic of the Guernsey cattle's Norman ancestry, and is the pride of every true Guernsey home. The cans shape permits the least loss by slopping of the cream rich milk. John and Maxine Tutton, Front Royal, VA, brought 10 to the show.

Jim and Martha Roberts, Scio, NY, included this unique display of five milk testing centrifuges in 'Marthas Milkhouse', one of the mot popular exhibits at the show.

A close-up of the outstanding centrifuge display by Jim and Martha Roberts, Scio, NY.

The Year of the Holstein was the theme of this outstanding exhibit prepared by Gene and Carol Schurman, Clymer, PA.

An impressive display of table top churns was a feature in the large exhibit by Bob and Andrea Dunn, New Ringgold, PA.

Kyler Cessna and Molly Cessna, Clearville, PA, get a close look at the Surge milker attached to the life-size Holstein cow model displayed at the show.

Thank you to the antique committee for providing these photos