April 30 2024
Testing UPS Shipping Order 1. 2lbs. 11"x9"x"1
Jan. 18 2024
The authors are a graduate student and a professor at the University of Calgary. Co-contributors include Kayley D. McCubbin, Julia Bodaneze, Ben Caddey, Waseem Shaukat, Diego Nobrega, Jeroen De Buck
Jan. 10 2024
Sometimes we must slow down to see important details about dairy cows. So many things cows tell us with their behavior can only be seen with a trained eye and a slow walk
Aug. 15 2023
Two years ago, an antibiotic saved my life
July 17 2023
Think globally, act locally. It’s an oft-quoted rallying cry spoken at environmental policy conferences. However, both dairy trade and scientific literature tend to report on environmental imp
May 25 2023
Even before heat stress affects people, dairy cattle around the globe feel the negative impacts during hot weather seasons much sooner
May 4 2023
The title of this article may provoke the response: Why in this day and age would a dairy farmer ever consider grazing?
May 4 2023
When choosing a liner to milk your cows, you are choosing a component that in reality is a one-size-fits-all proposition for the teats of all cows. The one liner that you choose has to milk all cows independent...
Jan. 10 2023
About 10% of U.S. dairy cattle were infected with the bovine leukemia virus (BLV) in the 1960s and 1970s. Now, about a third of our nation’s beef cattle and almost half of our dairy cattle are infec
Jan. 10 2023
Dating back to my days on the family dairy farm, my favorite tool has been a multi-tool strapped to my belt. While I’ve converted and upgraded nearly all of the mechanics and woodworking tools in...
Dec. 28 2022
In each of the last two years, we have had an early winter “outbreak” of what looks like pinkeye in our bred heifers. They are housed indoors, and there are no flies around at that time of...
Nov. 21 2022
Bovine leukemia virus (BLV) infects approximately half of all dairy and beef cattle in North America. Herd owners and managers may wonder whether it is a disease they should fight, and if so, is it a
Nov. 10 2022
Location matters — in real estate, business, and A.I. During natural service, a mature bull deposits 8 to 10 billion sperm in the anterior vagina, near the cervix of the cow. One of the advantages...
Oct. 10 2022
Today’s athletes have different goals than their counterparts from prior decades. Athletic goals in this era are attributable to new technologies, training techniques, advanced analytics, new strate
Oct. 10 2022
Diarrhea remains a common challenge on dairy farms and calf raising operations around the world. This challenge is also costly. At the University of Guelph, we recently completed a study that eva
Sept. 14 2022
Appropriate semen storage and handling is critical to the success of A.I. The liquid nitrogen semen storage tank actually consists of two tanks, with a smaller tank housed inside a larger tank
Sept. 14 2022
Despite the many advances in dairy cattle nutrition, we are still faced with some challenges. One of those challenges is to ensure adequate dry matter intake (DMI) in transition cows to optimize health
Aug. 10 2022
To all the avid Hoard’s Dairyman readers out there — thank you! Over the nearly 15 years since graduate school, I’ve written articles for different publications
July 8 2022
Crop protection often refers to the field and to agronomy. In agronomy, crop protection can take different forms, including insecticides or fungicides, with both aiming to maintain plant health when c
July 8 2022
We know that inbreeding rates accelerated after the introduction of genomic selection in 2009. Part of this shift is simply because we are turning our generations over more rapidly, which raises inbre