Dec. 15 2016
A dairy feeder calf is a young (1 to 14 days of age), often male, calf that leaves the dairy farm to enter the red meat industry
Dec. 15 2016
The authors are veterinarians with the Quality Milk Production Services, Ithaca, N.Y.Milking in a tie stall or stanchion barn is a dance. It takes a certain sense and finesse
Nov. 15 2016
A record 128 herds were nominated from 18 U.S. states and Canadian provinces for this year’s ninth annual Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council awards competition
Nov. 9 2016
One of the most important economic factors that determines a milking herd’s profitability is the average days in milk (DIM). That parameter obviously depends on getting the cow pregnant early in...
Oct. 25 2016
This cow is in a lying position, which is often associated with sleep. Time spent sleeping may affect cow health, production, and welfare more than we realize.The importance of cow comfort and i
Oct. 10 2016
Poor heat detection rates, under 50 percent in U.S. dairy herds, are a major factor limiting reproductive efficiency. Even so, detection of behavioral estrus plays an important role in overall reproduction
Sept. 10 2016
It’s been over five years since we covered the topic of cool-season grass management in this column. Specifying “cool-season” is important since there are warm-season grasses such as...
Sept. 10 2016
At our most recent Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council meeting, the University of Guelph’s Stephen LeBlanc gave an excellent presentation highlighting the importance of monitoring ketosis in transitio
July 11 2016
Pregnant with twins," I announced as I scanned cow 13478. Sam dutifully entered the information in his handheld device, but the slump of his shoulders was more dramatic than if I'd called 13478 open
May 25 2016
Don't just stand there Cows that stand too much may be telling you something about cow comfort in your barn. Inadequate flooring can cause lameness and discourage cows from eating, thus impacting milk...
May 25 2016
Every hour of the day counts; don't let time spent in the holding area become a detriment to cow health and comfort. A row of positive pressure ventilation tubes can evenly distribute airflow and enhance...
May 25 2016
Use data and compare "apples to apples" when choosing the best fan for your needs On today's dairy farms, there are a lot of different places where fans can be used. If you are looking to upgrade your...
March 10 2016
What's new in transition feeding? At the ADSA (American Dairy Science Association) meeting, transition cow research abstracts were prevalent. Several abstracts are listed below with a brief summary, a...
Feb. 17 2016
We're all influenced by two factors: genetics and the environment. Genetics are preset, but how we feed our calves influences their future potential
Jan. 8 2016
"Animal signals . . . Really?" Resources Resources from Animal signals . . . Really? from page 30 of the January 10, 2016 issue of Hoard's Dairyman. Rendall,...
Dec. 15 2015
The concept of animal welfare encompasses multiple concerns with different stakeholders prioritizing different interests. The priorities are most often grouped into three areas: biological functioning,...
Dec. 15 2015
Consumers are continually demanding assurances in the humane treatment of farm animals and are mostly concerned with human and animal interactions. Responses to the demand for greater openness in livestock...
Nov. 25 2015
"Animal welfare should not forget learning" Resources Resources from Animal welfare should not forget learning from page 780 of the December 2015 issue of Hoard's Dairyman. Knowlton, K., Martel, C. USDA...
Nov. 15 2015
At birth, the majority of calves will only absorb 30 to 35 percent of the immunoglobulins they consume. Clean colostrum helps ensure antibodies get to the gut before bacteria has a chance to shut absorption...
Nov. 5 2015
This year's Dairy Cattle Reproduction Councils award winners have a great deal of insight to share on how they get cows safe in calf