Nov. 5 2015
This year's Dairy Cattle Reproduction Councils award winners have a great deal of insight to share on how they get cows safe in calf
Oct. 25 2015
Inflammation: Friend or foe? Dietary strategies and anti-inflammatory drugs can minimize swelling, but sometimes inflammation actually works to the cow's benefit
Oct. 21 2015
"The comfortable cow is an illusion" Resources Resources from The comfortable cow is an illusion from page 735 of the November 2015 issue of Hoard's Dairyman.
Oct. 10 2015
Maximize heifers' udder health. Bred heifers represent the future of the milking herd in all dairy operations, and it is critical that udder health be maximized to ensure that these young animals freshen...
Oct. 7 2015
Resources from Drill down on your diets from page 692-693 of the October 25, 2015 issue of Hoard's Dairyman. Section 1: Rumen function • Carbohydrate Nutrition and Manure Scoring, Part II: Tools for...
Sept. 24 2015
"Boots on the ground" provide service The world's largest Mozzarella manufacturer became a local company halfway around the world by opening a business center in Singapore. by Hoard's Dairyman staff Leprino...
Sept. 9 2015
An in-depth USDA analysis sheds greater light into how four California federal order proposals would impact milk prices in the Golden State and beyond. by Scott Brown The author is a research assistant...
Sept. 9 2015
Next to Mexico, Southeast Asia represents the largest U.S. dairy export market. The good news is that a great deal more growth potential still exists. by Hoard's Dairyman staff Cheese sampling was a big...
Aug. 27 2015
What is our role as a major dairy exporter? In some instances, U.S. cost structures can cause us to be the world's balancing plant by Mark Stephenson The author is the director of dairy policy analysis...
July 29 2015
There's no excuse for irresponsible drug use In today's media environment, the mistakes of a single farm can be rapidly broadcast. Understanding allowable drug usage, reading the labels and working with...
July 29 2015
Rising world dairy prices and focused efforts by the American dairy industry grew international sales. by Mark Stephenson The author is the director of dairy policy analysis at the University of Wisconsin....
July 7 2015
Calculating manure's price tag Manure is no doubt a useful by-product, but one must realize the time and money it takes to get it from the cow to the field. Funding for the project was provided by a USDA-RME...
May 25 2015
Not all feed changes are created equal Feed and forage samples are the basis for your rations. Yet, variation is inherent in the process. Taking multiple samples will reduce the "noise" within your results
May 19 2015
Heed the saying "measure twice and cut once" when designing or renovating your tie stall. If stalls are sized properly to meet their needs, your cows will thank you. Barn design and stall dimensions contribute
May 19 2015
Prompt and proper care during this critical period in a cow's annual life cycle can be considered the foundation on which a cow builds a profitable lactation and provides a healthy replacement
May 4 2015
Design facilities to optimize transition cow comfort Maximizing comfort and minimizing stress are the goals to keep top of mind when designing a transition cow facility
May 4 2015
Transition pen design considerations are different than those for your typical lactating cow pens
April 3 2015
First-calf heifers bear the brunt of production losses and dry matter intake drops when housed with older cows. We have the power to change that
March 12 2015
Staying ahead of the flavored milk curve Here is some additional information to compliment the March 25, 2015, article on page 202 of Hoard's Dairyman. The Dale McClellan family knows dairying from two...
March 10 2015
Pinpoint cows with an unseen calcium challenge Diagnostic tools provide a window into cows' calcium status. Monitoring subclinical hypocalcemia at the herd and cow level allows for informed decision making....