QualiTru Sampling Systems (formerly Quality Management, Inc.) is proudly committed to providing equipment and expertise for aseptic and representative sampling that helps the liquid food industry produce safe and quality products. We take a problem-solution approach – which is why we have been the leaders in the science of aseptic and representative sampling since 1983.

The family-owned business is located in Oakdale, Minnesota, with worldwide partnerships and distribution. Our markets include dairy farms, dairy plants, tanker trucks, beverages and other liquids, biotech, and nutraceuticals. Our products provide easy-to-use, versatile, and cost-effective solutions to your sampling challenges. QualiTru is proud to have earned key industry regulatory approvals for our products and procedures, including authorization to display the industry standard 3-A Logo.

Applications include product quality verification across the supply chain, inline aseptic process verification; bulk tank and silo quality checks; and aseptic sampling for microbiological testing. We also offer sampling applications from mastitis management on farms to side-truck sampling. Quality Assurance Managers and farms can confidently use the four-part aseptic system to help obtain an inline representative or silo sample.

At QualiTru, we are driven to meet industry sampling needs and have built a strong reputation for expertise, quality, education, and training.