May 30 2019
Each year, we go through rain spells and dry spells, hot spells and cold spells. When it is cold, we are thinking about how nice hot weather would be, and when it is hot, we dream about how good that cold...
May 10 2019
What’s the best heat stress abatement practice? Standing? No. That’s not the correct answer, but if you watch a pen of cows that are experiencing heat stress, it sometimes appears to be their...
April 29 2019
Conducting a heat-focused audit this summer could let your cows tell you when they are stressed, shared Cassandra Tucker at the recent TriState Dairy Nutrition Conference
Feb. 18 2019
When it is hot outside, the future of your herd is impacted — and that is not just while the temperature is elevated
Feb. 15 2019
Heat stress during late gestation has significant negative effects on the productivity of the cow in the next lactation. Emerging evidence suggests that the developing fetus is also negatively impacted,...
June 27 2017
The official first week of summer brought hot summer temperatures to the Northwest. We don’t see major heat waves like many other parts of the country, but it definitely gets our attention when temperatures...
May 25 2017
While approximately 90 percent of current freestall housing relies upon natural ventilation, there is a growing number of new facilities using a wide range of systems from tunnel to cross ventilation
May 1 2017
Summer will soon arrive, and our cows will be feeling the heat. According to Nigel Cook, MRCVS, cows are becoming impacted by heat stress at lower and lower temperatures
Oct. 31 2016
It has long been understood that heat stress is one of the biggest management challenges across the southern United States
July 18 2016
Keep your cool this summer and keep those fans running. If June temperatures are anything to measure by, it looks like this summer is shaping up to be another steamy one
June 13 2016
How do cows capitalize on feedbunk sprinkler systems?That was the focus of recent research conducted at the University of California-Davis. Specifically, the scientists investigated how feedbunk sprinklers...
June 8 2016
Why evaporative cooling methods fit well on our farm. Growing up in the hot Kansas heat made it difficult to keep cows cool during the warmer summer months. When we decided to make modifications to our...
April 18 2016
This is the season to start thinking heat abatement strategies as several southern states are already experiencing warmer temperatures and rising humidity. Meanwhile, it's warming up in northern states,...
Aug. 11 2015
To beat the heat, the nation's cows are concentrated in more temperate regions of the United States. know that cows tend to seek out the coolest places on the farm: beneath shade, under sprinklers and...
June 29 2015
Adequate lying time is essential to maintaining milk production
June 15 2015
With many farmers spending long hours outside this summer, heatstroke is an ever-present threat
March 11 2015
Additional milk per day is just the start. The signs of heat stress in dry cows are less obvious when there is no production to monitor. In the March Hoard's Dairyman webinar, Geoff Dahl, University of...