Aug. 23 2021
As with any vendor on a dairy farm, companies and organizations that help farms install and run manure digesters have to approach the challenges and opportunities presented with a common mindset
Aug. 19 2021
Some farmers say that their greatest assets on the operation are their equipment, land, and animals
Aug. 19 2021
Family members and employees, past and present, have helped shape our dairy farm
Aug. 9 2021
Dairy employees got the chance to bond with coworkers during the two-weekend Dairy Soccer Cup
June 17 2021
It’s not often that you’ll hear a dairy farmer say, “I have too much good help.” Finding dedicated employees to accomplish everything that must get done on the farm can be time-consuming
June 10 2021
If there’s one thing that’s become totally apparent to me in the three years since I stepped away from hands-on farm management, it’s that the same problems and challenges happen on almost...
May 10 2021
Human beings are complex, and that means our interactions are, too
April 26 2021
The dairy supply chain was able to keep operating as best it could last spring thanks in no small part to the employees working at dairy processing plants
March 15 2021
The Farm Workforce Modernization Act, bipartisan bill H.R. 1603, was reintroduced this week by Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) and Congressman Dan Newhouse (R-Wash.)
March 15 2021
If we hear a farmer talk about their “employees” or their “workforce,” it might be easy to think that the farm is a large operation where multiple or maybe even dozens of people...
March 9 2021
Whether your dairy farm is staffed entirely by family, brings in a few outside workers, or employs dozens of people, providing a safe, desirable work environment is key to making sure you have people to...
Feb. 22 2021
People want to effectively communicate. Not only is this part of human nature, but it makes every workplace run more efficiently
Feb. 8 2021
U.S. immigration reform is already gaining attention from the White House and Congress
Feb. 8 2021
The road to where we are today in agriculture labor laws has been paved with a multitude of good intentions and calls for justice
Feb. 4 2021
The United States is nearly one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and the disease has changed both social and societal norms across the country
Feb. 4 2021
Dairy farming is not a 40-hour per week job. With labor laws becoming more restrictive, though, employers may have to treat it as such
Jan. 4 2021
Training farm personnel not only improves animal welfare and improves farm profitability, but it also enhances the work environment by making people feel like part of a cohesive team
Dec. 28 2020
“Personnel training must be the first step in dairy operations,” was the message Adrian Barragan shared with dairy producers and consultants in a Penn State Extension webinar
Nov. 23 2020
Providing dairy workers with formal safety training is not typically an easy task. Workers are on tight schedules, training resources are scarce, and language barriers exist
Oct. 20 2020
Farm managers and employees’ roles can be aligned with those of coaches and players for a sports team