March 1 2023
The strong work ethic reputation that farm kids carry most often comes from job responsibilities that began at a young age
Sept. 29 2022
The Farm Workforce Modernization Act had gained significant momentum when it passed the U.S. House of Representatives by a 59% margin last year. However, the momentum did not carry over into the Senat
Sept. 23 2022
Busy times mean people less familiar with our operations may be signing on to help. It’s our responsibility to ensure they stay safe, too
Aug. 11 2022
This little article is intended to be a conversation starter.Did you know that U.S. commercial airlines flew more than 600 million passengers in 2021
July 25 2022
Everyone wants to feel valued. Farm workers are no different, no matter how big or small the job is
July 11 2022
If you are looking to add employees to your farm or business, you already know that is a herculean task these days. That’s because the U.S. unemployment rate remains historically low at 3.6%. T
June 28 2022
Framing our conversations around sustainability makes the word mean something farmers and consumers can grab on to
April 7 2022
Every business with more than a handful of employees likely has a few underperformers mixed in with high achievers. A dairy farm is no different
April 4 2022
How many “We’re hiring” signs have you seen this week? It may seem like every business is putting out a plea for employees even as unemployment levels continue to drop
March 31 2022
Even before the pandemic, but especially since, calls for change have been heard in the dairy industry from nearly every group involved — farmers, processors, cooperatives, haulers, and more
March 28 2022
What’s holding dairy back these days?Employees. Those employees are needed both on the farm and in processing plants. “I’ve been in the industry for 46 years
March 28 2022
“I decided to modify the protocol a couple of weeks ago” were the words of a novice employee from another group performing some analyses in my laboratory. The scenario was very concerning....
March 17 2022
Leading a business into the next generation or owner is a complex process that encompasses even more time and effort than the already complicated succession plans
Jan. 14 2022
culture. In the world of dairy, “culture” can take several meanings. It is defined as the beginning of cheesemaking where the microbes are infused throughout the milk
Nov. 29 2021
The word automation can bring both positive and negative thoughts to people’s minds when it comes to manufacturing
Nov. 8 2021
Whether it’s one part-time milker or a crew of employees, hired labor plays a role in the operation of many dairy farms
Oct. 4 2021
“It will be a disaster!” That was my thought last month when I learned that my laboratory technician was moving to another state and, therefore, leaving the laboratory in September
Aug. 23 2021
As with any vendor on a dairy farm, companies and organizations that help farms install and run manure digesters have to approach the challenges and opportunities presented with a common mindset