July 15 2024
A successful business runs like a well-oiled machine: everyone knows and executes their roles in operating efficiently to meet the company’s goals
June 12 2024
We take a lot of steps to help our employees feel like they belong at our farm, so they want to come to work every day
June 10 2024
Almost every dairy farmer is also an employer. That means in addition to all the work that surrounds owning and caring for cattle, dairy producers must be proficient in human resources
June 4 2024
A third human case of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) A(H5) virus infection related to dairy cattle was reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last Thursday, May 30
May 15 2024
The joke — according to Steve Abel of Abel Dairy Farms — is that dairy owners are full-time firemen and part-time dairymen
May 15 2024
GIVING others the authority to act on your behalf as an employer can be unnerving, especially if you’re accustomed to bearing responsibilities on your own
April 3 2024
Young people who are looking to learn have been great fits for our farm team
March 15 2024
It isn’t so much that people don’t want to learn, it’s that they don’t want to be made to learn
Feb. 29 2024
As dairies have gotten bigger and more diverse, the need for a reliable workforce has only expanded
Feb. 8 2024
In addition to providing effective training, leading your team members so that they can do their jobs well requires setting clear expectations and providing feedback
Feb. 5 2024
Trusting your workforce to complete their jobs accurately is the foundational need of any business. But for employees to know what needs to be done and how to do it, they need effective training
Dec. 20 2023
A lot of jobs in the dairy industry are very specialized in that they require an understanding of the biology of the cow and the unique characteristics of farming
Dec. 4 2023
So often when we discuss mental health in agriculture, the suicide statistics are cited, and the stresses of the job are rehashed
Oct. 15 2023
The author is a freelance writer and dairy farmer from Wisconsin.FARM owners need to be aware of the legal side of hiring and retaining good employees and handling underperforming employees
Sept. 20 2023
How does the saying go? Something like, “The worst sentence in the English language is ‘That’s the way we’ve always done it’”? Man, if that doesn’t sound like...
Sept. 14 2023
Dairy farms are not alone when it comes to a shortage of help. Problems associated with a limited workforce span across other sectors of agriculture and different industries
July 20 2023
Dairy farmers in states including California, Minnesota, New York, and Washington have had their labor costs swell in recent years as their state legislatures implemented requirements for overtime pay
July 12 2023
As fast as agriculture is changing, some things have stayed the same. Most farms — over 90% — are still family owned and operated
June 13 2023
Overseeing and coordinating multiple construction crews has its challenges. A few months ago, I was leading a project that required concrete to be poured
May 4 2023
As agriculture’s labor pool continues to shrink, the dairy industry faces the challenging reality of attracting and retaining employees. Other businesses like construction, landscaping, hotels, and...