Feb. 22 2021
People want to effectively communicate. Not only is this part of human nature, but it makes every workplace run more efficiently
Feb. 8 2021
U.S. immigration reform is already gaining attention from the White House and Congress
Feb. 8 2021
The road to where we are today in agriculture labor laws has been paved with a multitude of good intentions and calls for justice
Feb. 4 2021
The United States is nearly one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and the disease has changed both social and societal norms across the country
Feb. 4 2021
Dairy farming is not a 40-hour per week job. With labor laws becoming more restrictive, though, employers may have to treat it as such
Dec. 31 2020
Training farm personnel not only improves animal welfare and improves farm profitability, but it also enhances the work environment by making people feel like part of a cohesive team
Dec. 28 2020
“Personnel training must be the first step in dairy operations,” was the message Adrian Barragan shared with dairy producers and consultants in a Penn State Extension webinar
Nov. 23 2020
Providing dairy workers with formal safety training is not typically an easy task. Workers are on tight schedules, training resources are scarce, and language barriers exist
Oct. 20 2020
Farm managers and employees’ roles can be aligned with those of coaches and players for a sports team
Oct. 12 2020
The blank spot on many dairy calendars this year — the one where World Dairy Expo is usually marked — offers yet another reminder that 2020 is very different
Sept. 28 2020
“People notoriously don’t listen to each other,” said Lisa Holden, associate professor of dairy science with Penn State Extension, during the webinar “Dairy Workforce Focus: Communication...
Aug. 10 2020
Recruiting, training, and retaining employees are a few of the most constant challenges a dairy may have
July 30 2020
Stressful seasons on the farm can and do cause conflict, drama, and finger-pointing amongst employees and owners
July 20 2020
After years of tight labor markets and difficulties in recruiting and retaining good employees, we now find ourselves with double-digit unemployment in just about every corner of the U.S
May 7 2020
In times of stress and uncertainty, it’s easy to succumb to the frenzy and focus heavily on what’s outside our control
April 6 2020
Farmers, farm employees, and most veterinarians across the country have been deemed essential personnel because of their agricultural services, but that does not make them immune from the threat of COVID-19
March 5 2020
I will be 30 years old in just a few months. Throughout the years, I have seen high school workers on our farm come and go
Feb. 25 2020
In dairy’s labor availability crisis, many farms have focused on doing a great job of training whether they are hiring someone with limited or extensive experience
Jan. 27 2020
Contrary to the excuses we often fall into as employers, pay is not the first thing many employees cite when leaving a job
Jan. 25 2020
The author has been involved in large-scale commercial dairying in Wisconsin for more than 20 years and is now an account manager for Chr. Hansen Inc.It’s a basic human tendency to avoid confrontati