Feb. 29 2024
As dairies have gotten bigger and more diverse, the need for a reliable workforce has only expanded
Feb. 8 2024
In addition to providing effective training, leading your team members so that they can do their jobs well requires setting clear expectations and providing feedback
Feb. 5 2024
Trusting your workforce to complete their jobs accurately is the foundational need of any business. But for employees to know what needs to be done and how to do it, they need effective training
Dec. 20 2023
A lot of jobs in the dairy industry are very specialized in that they require an understanding of the biology of the cow and the unique characteristics of farming
Dec. 4 2023
So often when we discuss mental health in agriculture, the suicide statistics are cited, and the stresses of the job are rehashed
Sept. 20 2023
How does the saying go? Something like, “The worst sentence in the English language is ‘That’s the way we’ve always done it’”? Man, if that doesn’t sound like...
Sept. 14 2023
Dairy farms are not alone when it comes to a shortage of help. Problems associated with a limited workforce span across other sectors of agriculture and different industries
July 20 2023
Dairy farmers in states including California, Minnesota, New York, and Washington have had their labor costs swell in recent years as their state legislatures implemented requirements for overtime pay
July 12 2023
As fast as agriculture is changing, some things have stayed the same. Most farms — over 90% — are still family owned and operated
June 13 2023
Overseeing and coordinating multiple construction crews has its challenges. A few months ago, I was leading a project that required concrete to be poured
May 4 2023
As agriculture’s labor pool continues to shrink, the dairy industry faces the challenging reality of attracting and retaining employees. Other businesses like construction, landscaping, hotels, and...
April 24 2023
We all have the same 24 hours in every day to get work done, and farmers are experts at squeezing every second out of that time. Have you ever thought to yourself, “If I only I could be in two places...
April 20 2023
A dedicated team is one major key to success when it comes to raising young stock. During the Dairy Calf and Heifer Association’s annual conference, managers from two calf and heifer ranches shared...
April 3 2023
Workplace culture, employee engagement, appropriate resources, and supervisor trust are just some of the factors that affect how long people remain at your business and how you retain employees
March 20 2023
When retaining employees is as important as it is in the current labor market, keeping your team engaged in their work and their workplace makes all the difference. For Pete Posnett of Willow Behrer Farms,...
March 16 2023
A person’s first day on the job can be filled with excitement and enthusiasm about what’s to come. How do you maintain that optimism as they settle into their new role?
March 1 2023
The strong work ethic reputation that farm kids carry most often comes from job responsibilities that began at a young age
Sept. 29 2022
The Farm Workforce Modernization Act had gained significant momentum when it passed the U.S. House of Representatives by a 59% margin last year. However, the momentum did not carry over into the Senat
Sept. 23 2022
Busy times mean people less familiar with our operations may be signing on to help. It’s our responsibility to ensure they stay safe, too
Aug. 11 2022
This little article is intended to be a conversation starter.Did you know that U.S. commercial airlines flew more than 600 million passengers in 2021