Nov. 8 2018
From early on we’re often taught to live by the Golden Rule, “Do unto others, as you would have them do onto you.” It simply means that we should treat people the same way that we would...
Oct. 31 2018
I had a unique experience the other day. It is interesting how it all started but even more so how it ended
June 25 2018
Employee turnover rates over the last 12 months ranged from 11 percent to 44 percent for the majority of the 200 dairy farms included in the UW Cooperative Extension and UW Center for Dairy Profitability...
June 18 2018
The world is filled with an almost endless variety of jobs. Not the tasks, but the professions people go into
June 1 2018
My family’s dairy has had great luck and bad luck with employee turnover. We have had people work for us who I have known since I was in elementary school
May 29 2018
How many times have we heard this question in our various roles on the farm? Probably countless, and we all know it’s never for just a minute!
May 22 2018
Across the nation, students are graduating from high school and college
April 27 2018
Writing a résumé was one of the most challenging projects I worked on during my college and high school career
April 10 2018
Employee turnover is top of mind for many farmers as labor continues to be a hot topic in the dairy industry
March 26 2018
With the rising cost of labor and the declining number of people willing to work on dairies, Viterbo University’s Tom Thibodeau suggested farmers need to embrace a culture of caring on the farm
March 5 2018
In conversations with employers, New Mexico State University’s Robert Hagevoort said he most often hears complaints about employee management
Feb. 8 2018
Farmers must be cautious when adding new members to their staff
Feb. 7 2018
A great employer learns to speak the language of their employees
Jan. 29 2018
We all have heard of the growing pressure related to immigrant labor recently. That comes as the economy is providing full employment and the number of jobs in sectors like health care, construction, and...
Dec. 26 2017
“Nearly 1 million people are employed in the United States directly because of dairy,” said former USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack
Dec. 26 2017
The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are upon us. Some farms will have special get-togethers for employees during this festive season
Nov. 20 2017
At the mid-year point, only two of the eight dairy regions serviced by Frazer Certified Public Accountants and Consultants posted negative returns
Nov. 6 2017
Everywhere you look in dairying – well, all across agriculture and in pretty much every other business as well – everyone is looking for employees
Oct. 23 2017
The milk suppliers of Ben & Jerry’s will be entering into a contract that requires them to meet defined goals in the treatment and management of their employees
Oct. 16 2017
Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s signed an agreement earlier this month with a farmworkers’ group that established labor standards for its supplying farms.