Feb. 15 2021
Expectations for feed markets have changed rapidly. Since the August World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report projected corn ending stocks for the 2020-2021 crop year at 2.76 billion...
Dec. 24 2020
Feed is a major expense on any dairy farm, so it is critical to select ingredients for the ration that make nutritional and financial sense
Oct. 15 2020
Fiber digestibility data has been provided by feed labs to the industry for over 20 years. Engaging the technology has been an evolving process
April 20 2020
In many parts of the U.S., small grain forages will soon be harvested or may already be fermenting in storage structures for feeding
Feb. 10 2020
Over the last 10 years, the fat component of milk has been a key driver of milk price. The construction of the ration can have a significant impact on milkfat percentage and milk yield
Dec. 16 2019
Since corn silage makes up a considerable amount of many dairy rations, interpreting its make up is one of the more critical tasks of a feeding team
Oct. 21 2019
Cool weather and the first freeze occurred in many Northern states in the last few weeks
Sept. 2 2019
Despite a dismal corn planting season for the majority of the country, dairy producers could breathe a bit easier about previously projected shortages raising feed prices
July 22 2019
We’ve fielded numerous support requests centering on managing through an unprecedented wet spring and summer from the High Plains through the Northeast
March 10 2019
It’s not only the financial statements of many dairies that seem to be on life support this winter and in need of intervention
Feb. 8 2019
I am about to head off to my Collegiate Regional Dairy Challenge competition and thought I would brush up on my understanding of manure
Feb. 4 2019
Mycotoxins are a buzzword again this winter, following what seems to be a cyclical trend that features a wet harvest every few years
Dec. 27 2018
Advanced Dairy Nutrition USB drive incorporates the material used in the University of Illinois’ online course, and is team-taught by Dave Fischer, Mike Hutjens, Jim Drackley, Jimmy Clark, Richard...
Dec. 17 2018
It is easy to cut feed costs, but it’s harder to cut costs without sacrificing milk production. This webinar discusses controlling expenses by selecting cost-effective ingredients, grouping cows...
Aug. 20 2018
In this dairy climate, the appeal of capturing the “easy money” items on a dairy is strong. And in some cases, it truly is easy money
June 18 2018
New to this edition are sections on: robotic feeding, high digestibility forages, and feeding strategies for increased herd production
Oct. 9 2017
Although feed costs have come down from the record levels that resulted from the 2012 drought, they remain well above levels prior to 2012
July 17 2017
Those with feeding dairy cows and exporting hay outside the United States make the greatest use of feed testing services, according to a survey
March 6 2017
America’s growing appetite for organic food has led to a rush of organic grain from overseas. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, sales of USDA-certified organic food jumped 10 percent last...