Aug. 20 2018
In this dairy climate, the appeal of capturing the “easy money” items on a dairy is strong. And in some cases, it truly is easy money
June 18 2018
New to this edition are sections on: robotic feeding, high digestibility forages, and feeding strategies for increased herd production
Oct. 9 2017
Although feed costs have come down from the record levels that resulted from the 2012 drought, they remain well above levels prior to 2012
July 17 2017
Those with feeding dairy cows and exporting hay outside the United States make the greatest use of feed testing services, according to a survey
March 6 2017
America’s growing appetite for organic food has led to a rush of organic grain from overseas. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, sales of USDA-certified organic food jumped 10 percent last...
Dec. 19 2016
“If the ration didn’t work, do we know why?” “If it did work, do we know why?” Those were questions posed by William Prokop
Sept. 19 2016
by Mike Hutjens. Focus is all types of feeding systems, their practicality for different herd sizes and economics, from grain feeding to TMRs; also feed storage, feed bunk management
Sept. 19 2016
by Mike Hutjens. Dairy cow physiology; optimizing dry matter intake; feeding & the gestation/lactation cycle; ration formulation; purchasing & valuing feed; challenges of rBST; hot weath­er; 3X milking....
Sept. 19 2016
by Mike Hutjens. Forage is the backbone of the dairy ration: sections include feeding strategies to maximize value while saving costs; Forage test values are crucial make them meaningful; Managing risks...
Sept. 19 2016
Advanced Dairy Nutrition incorporates the material used in the University of Illinois’ online course, and is team-taught by Dave Fischer, Mike Hutjens, Jim Drackley, Jimmy Clark, Richard Wallace,...
Sept. 19 2016
Guess 20 by-product feeds from their appearance/description. (Reprint of 2/25/97 article)
Sept. 19 2016
3rd Edition | By Mike Hutjens. Dairy cow physiology; optimizing dry matter intake; feeding and the gestation/lactation cycle; ration formulation; purchasing and valuing feed; special feeding challenges;...
Sept. 19 2016
Por Mike Hutjens. Fisiología de la vaca lechera; optimizando la ingestión de materia seca; alimentación y el ciclo gestación-lactancia; formulación de raciones; comprando...
Sept. 19 2016
Bulk storage shed, several bays
June 30 2015
Feed is best utilized when consumed by your cows, and a reduction in losses from shrink can reap great financial benefits
Oct. 17 2014
Harvest is finally under way on the nation's cotton crop after being delayed by a cooler summer in many major growing areas. That means what has historically been the best time to shop for whole cottonseed...
Sept. 25 2014
This was the question posed to me a week ago by one of my customers as we considered an annual corn by-product feed purchase. He followed with the statement, "I guess I am greedy and want the bottom of...
May 25 2014
While dairymen do not like rising feed and protein prices, it must be recognized that many of the same world export markets that are currently driving up protein and grain costs are the same markets that...