March 18 2024
When a cow has a difficult calving that requires assistance and a tough pull, what steps should be taken for the calf and the cow to get both off on the right foot?
March 14 2024
Making the transition from winter to spring can be hard on dairy calves due to drastic fluctuations in temperature
Feb. 29 2024
The lungs are an indicator organ, according to veterinarian Terri Ollivett
Feb. 26 2024
The best way to house calves has been a reoccurring topic of discussion over the last decade or so among many dairymen
Feb. 22 2024
The common saying “There’s more than meets the eye” certainly rings true when it comes to identifying disease in dairy calves
Jan. 8 2024
Transition phases in dairy cattle are essential for success. That begins all the way at the beginning of life
Jan. 5 2024
As someone raising only a handful of calves at a time, I was looking for a way to air the bottles out between feedings
Nov. 22 2023
Dairy animals need plenty of clean water as part of their balanced ration
Oct. 26 2023
Much like social media “influencers” can sway people’s purchasing decisions, especially those of younger shoppers, there are influencing factors that shape a farm’s calf-rearing...
Oct. 16 2023
A calf is born into a world where it is quickly exposed to bacteria from the environment, its dam, the hands of human caretakers, and more
Oct. 5 2023
When challenged by illness, young dairy calves can become dehydrated quickly. Producers are often faced with the question of whether oral fluids will get the job done or if they need to call their veterinarian...
Sept. 5 2023
I think baby calves are adorable and sweet. If I see one, there is no doubt that I will walk up to it with my arm outstretched, palm up, to let it suck on my hand with all its slobber and sandpaper-feeling...
Sept. 4 2023
Calf caretakers know how quickly a calf can go from healthy to quite sick when challenged with scours. Decisions made at the first signs of illness can make a big difference in how quickly a calf recovers
Aug. 24 2023
Calf rearing aims to promote growth and intestinal development while minimizing health incidences. One of the significant challenges for young calves is diarrhea and other digestive issues. Digestive challenges...
July 31 2023
There are so many decisions to be made on a farm. While some require quick, on-your-feet thinking, other decisions are best made after a careful review of the situation and hopefully with some data to...
July 19 2023
What’s the best calf starter? Of course, the answer is whatever starter fits your operation
July 13 2023
It unfortunately doesn’t take much for a bright and bouncy dairy calf to become sick. Early intervention can often turn the calf back around, but even a simple illness may leave a lasting impact
July 6 2023
Electrolytes are often just the ticket calves need to get through a bout of diarrhea. Veterinarian Amelia Woolums recommends administering electrolytes as soon as diarrhea is identified to prevent dehydration,...
June 1 2023
While calf starter is a component of the preweaned dairy animal’s diet, the majority of nutrients needed for growth during this first stage of life come from milk or milk replacer
May 19 2023
I took a walk out to our calf hutches last week to begin summer preparations to that area of our farm