May 4 2020
Researchers and farmers alike are uncovering benefits of pair or group housing for calves, from cognitive learning, behavioral flexibility, adaptability, and resilience to stress
Feb. 10 2020
Horns on cattle were a natural part of farm life for most operations, but around the 1960s, producers realized that removing these horns makes for a much safer and easier working environment
Jan. 20 2020
Wagner Farms in Oconto Falls, Wis., had a 0% death loss in their calves last year. For anyone that has worked with animals, this is the ultimate goal, but sometimes incredibly difficult to achieve
Dec. 30 2019
At one time, the most respected group of bovine veterinarians on the continent lumped dehorning and castration together with comingled guidelines
Nov. 27 2019
Okay, I’m going to be honest here. I have never raised calves in my life. Yes, I know that’s a crazy notion for some, but it’s the truth
Nov. 18 2019
The preweaning period of a calf’s life is not only important for its health and growth down the road, it’s also indicative of its behavior and ability to adapt to new situations
Nov. 11 2019
People often compare group housed calves to small children in daycare — when one gets sick, they all get sick
Nov. 4 2019
When calves bloat, it can be frustrating to handle and confusing to further prevent. But controlling feeding procedures to be consistent and accurate is your best protection, pinpointed Brian Miller, D.V.M.,...
Oct. 11 2019
Young calves are the most fragile asset a dairy producer has. We know that a calf’s value later in life as a profitable milk cow is largely impacted by her early development, but maintaining a successful...
Sept. 20 2019
It’s been said many times before, but we’ll say it again. No matter the operation, a healthy start at birth for a calf will continuously prepare it to be an efficient, profitable cow
Sept. 9 2019
The navel cord provides a lifeline between the dam and its calf during gestation
Aug. 5 2019
In the last several decades, cow cooling, particularly in the lactating pens, has become common on many farms. When hot comes to humid and milk production drops, it’s not hard to justify heat abatement...
July 19 2019
We see it all the time. The constant reminders to not only provide our cows with water, but quality water from a clean trough, bucket, and so forth
July 15 2019
A calf does not necessarily die from diarrhea, but from the impact that diarrhea has on the body
July 1 2019
Quality calf care is a must, but in reality, a calf’s needs are fairly simple
June 25 2019
If there’s anything dairy farmers are very good at, it’s routine. It is our job to do the same job 365 days a year
April 22 2019
“A calf is a ball at the top of a hill. Depending how you manage that calf, how you feed that calf and what happens to that calf, will affect its future direction,” said Michael Steele from...
Feb. 25 2019
After raising calves in hutches outside for years, the Roden family decided to look into new calf housing options to accompany the growth of their dairy herd