Oct. 22 2018
Young calves are some of the most susceptible members of the dairy farm
Oct. 15 2018
For generations, farmers have fed calves whole milk. In fact, with the growing popularity of on-farm pasteurizers, some farms have returned to feeding milk for its nutritional benefits after utilizing...
Sept. 24 2018
In calves that consume a 20-20 milk replacer, starter intake is critical
Aug. 20 2018
“Consistency, consistency, consistency,” said the animated Lane Sollenberger to those attending the First International Conference of Calf and Heifer held in Baoding, Hebei, China
Aug. 6 2018
Most farm expenditures continue to rise in price, and calf care costs are no exception
July 30 2018
Even if you have high-quality colostrum, that colostrum must be fed to calves right after birth to stimulate passive transfer of immunoglobulins that ultimately creates immunity in newborn calves
July 23 2018
“If you want 99-plus percent of calves to live, follow the ‘big four’ at calving,” shared Lane Sollenberger with those attending the First International Conference of Calf and Heifer...
July 9 2018
The number of calf barns with automated feeders is certainly on the rise. More and more farmers are going that route for their calf raising needs
July 2 2018
On many farms, it’s well understood that the calf’s first meal is of vital importance
June 4 2018
When it comes to calf housing, we often think about what’s around the animal (including pen walls and air movement), but how much consideration is given to what lies beneath the calf as bedding?
May 25 2018
At the beginning of May, I took a week between school and starting my internship to go home to my family’s farm
May 21 2018
It’s not just what we feed calves when they are young, but also how they are fed that will set the stage for their long-term eating behavior
May 21 2018
A calf faces many challenges at weaning, including the transition to a solid diet and often commingling with other calves. On top of this, a calf is still developing its immune system, which is not fu
May 14 2018
We are learning more and more all the time about how the amount of milk we feed a calf can affect future production
May 10 2018
Calving is one of the most stressful events a dairy cow will experience during a production cycle. During this time, the cow must be able to cope with a painful labor along with changes in its environment
April 30 2018
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to ride in a cattle trailer? Most of us probably haven’t, but Anthony Bontrager, the trucking supervisor for Country View Calves in Shipshewana, Ind.,...
April 16 2018
“There’s a new calf killer in town” was the title of the April 2018 Hoard’s Dairyman webinar
March 26 2018
The sooner calf dehydration is detected, the more likely treatment will be effective