July 22 2024
On dairy farms, heifers can be described as the middle ground of the operation. Heifers are not yet producing milk but are eating a substantial amount of feed
June 10 2024
Mike Hutjens, a professor emeritus at the University of Illinois presented “An update on feed additives."
June 10 2024
On this episode, Hoard’s Dairyman Editor Abby Bauer was joined by Mary Beth de Ondarza, the sole proprietor of Paradox Nutrition, LLC. As a consultant, de Ondarza works with dairies in the Northeast,...
April 11 2024
The U.S. Department of Agriculture shared finalized changes to the federally funded Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children on Tuesday
March 15 2024
There is no question which ration on a dairy receives the least attention. Often overlooked is the diet for the far-off dry cows
March 11 2024
Bill Weiss, a professor emeritus at The Ohio State University, presented, “Feed composition varies – does it matter?”
Feb. 1 2024
Great forages are the foundation for precision feed management, said Joe Lawrence during a Cornell Cooperative Extension webinar
Jan. 10 2024
Sometimes we must slow down to see important details about dairy cows. So many things cows tell us with their behavior can only be seen with a trained eye and a slow walk
Dec. 6 2023
Many dairy producers and their nutritionists are facing a mixed bag of forage quality this season
Nov. 22 2023
Dairy animals need plenty of clean water as part of their balanced ration
Nov. 22 2023
Fiber degradability, also known as neutral detergent fiber digestibility or NDFD, is a metric frequently used to assess forage quality
Sept. 15 2023
The author is a partner and large animal veterinarian at Thumb Veterinary Services in Deckerville, Mich. What a difference a year makes!Mark Fox, D.V.M.The year 2022 will go down in the dairy books as...
Sept. 14 2023
Protein is often considered the hallmark nutrient provided by animal-derived products. Critical for building muscle and supporting physical activity, protein is necessary for us to accomplish our daily...
Aug. 24 2023
Research continues to help better understand the intersection of management and the nutritional quality of milk. Driven by the Ireland dairy industry's interest in supporting the export market, food scientists...
Aug. 21 2023
People choose to drink plant-based beverages for a variety of reasons. If they are making that decision based on perceived health benefits, new research further supports the fact that most plant-based...
Aug. 10 2023
There is no doubt that many dairy nutritionists are leaving or have left a footprint in the area of dairy cattle feeding. Most of these nutritionists are or have been academic professors who performed...
July 12 2023
Vitamins for dairy cattle was presented by Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University
May 15 2023
Food is the most basic of human needs, and for generations, farmers have filled that need for nourishment
May 4 2023
It seems no two dairies have the exact same plan of how to manage bunks and what to do with the feed refusals. With a likely new normal for feed cost levels, it is a good time to re-evaluate how feed refusals...
March 13 2023
Strategies for boosting milk componentspresented by Mike Hutjens, University of Illinoissponsored by: QLFRaising milk components is a way to add value to milk checks, especially for farmers that face