Oct. 10 2021
This article continues our discussion on the new Dairy NRC 2021 that’s more formally referred to as NASEM Dairy 2021. My overall impressions are conservative
Sept. 23 2021
Feed costs — especially corn grain — have risen substantially this year. Maximizing the nutritional value of homegrown forages is always a top priority for profitable dairy farming
Sept. 17 2021
After waiting 20 years for the final release, the updated and new Dairy NRC was featured at the American Dairy Science Association’s 40th Discover Conference
Sept. 13 2021
The new school year is in session, and for millions of students, that means the return of nutritious breakfasts and lunches served in their cafeterias after a year and a half of mostly learning
Sept. 3 2021
The long awaited, and at times delayed, Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle finally had its first days in the sun in 20 years
Sept. 2 2021
Whether exercising, practicing your sport, or sighting in your rifle, repetition equates to power. We know this based upon experience. In exercising, repetitions build strength over time
Aug. 27 2021
When considering the dramatic price swings in feed ingredients in recent months, historically high bypass fat pricing might stand out the most
Aug. 26 2021
Because manure digesters thrive on energy rich manure, many dairies considering digester projects wonder about the operation and effectiveness of digesters run on farms that focus on feed efficiency
Aug. 19 2021
dairy enterprise efficiency is vital. We all know that. “Feed efficiency” is often calculated as the pounds of 3.5% fat-corrected milk produced per pound of dry matter consumed
Aug. 16 2021
Bill Weiss, a professor emeritus at The Ohio State University, presented “Estimating energy supply and requirements of dairy cows.”Although energy is usually the first limiting nutrient, dietary...
Aug. 15 2021
Corn must be ensiled at the proper moisture for optimum fermentation. However, determining whole plant moisture can be problematic
Aug. 15 2021
Dirty data clouds our ability to see what’s going on and can contribute toward efficiency challenges
July 26 2021
University of Guelph’s Trevor DeVries talked specifically about automation in the area of feed mixing and delivery during the Precision Dairy Conference
June 14 2021
During the Four State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference, University of Illinois’ Phil Cardosa addressed heat stress and the role nutrition can play in keeping cows productive during hot...
June 14 2021
Accurate results from forage testing begins with the you. For the sake of your animals, be sure to gather the most accurate sample
June 7 2021
During the Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference, Taylor Yohe discussed the balance between weaning calves and maintaining rumen pH levels
June 2 2021
When the phrase nutrient management is used in agriculture, thoughts often go directly to the farm fields where crops are grown
May 7 2021
The author is the founder of DNMCmilk, which works with dairy producers and heifer growers in multiple Western states.Steve MartinThe most successful feed rations are usually ones that are not changed
May 7 2021
Of course, cows do not talk to us in the literal sense. Instead, your herd figuratively speaks to you and your advisers through production trends and other quantifiable herd tendencies
May 6 2021
Today’s major health concern is COVID-19. While the pandemic should eventually pass due to a robust vaccination effort, there is a different health problem escalating in teenage girls that could...