May 16 2022
There are nickels, dimes, and quarters lying around on dairy farms all over the place. Of course, I’m figuratively speaking as there are no loose coins to actually be found. Yet, I’m convinc
April 18 2022
More and more I get questions about the proper chop length for silages and what is a desirable particle distribution for a total mixed ration (TMR) when using the Penn State Particle Separator
April 11 2022
Converting feed cost to milk income is the most basic description of my job as a nutritionist. It is really no different than an auto manufacturing plant that buys various pieces of metal, plastic
April 10 2022
A cliché is an overused word or phrase that can deviate from or even betray the word’s intended meaning. In some cases, clichés are used so frequently that they become unnoticeable...
March 31 2022
Many of us find ourselves eating out more in recent years than we did a decade ago, and certainly more than a generation ago. In many regions, there has been a proliferation of eating options
March 30 2022
Homegrown forages are vital ingredients in dairy diets with corn silage being one of the anchors in rations for dairy cows. High-quality corn silage not only supplies energy for maintenance
March 30 2022
Dairy producers are well aware of what milk fever does to a cow. Muscle weakness and recumbency are the most visible signs, and if the condition is left untreated, it can lead to death
Feb. 24 2022
Most of the updates made in the eighth revised edition of the Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle were minor; according to Bill Weiss from The Ohio State University
Feb. 21 2022
Last December’s release of the book Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle (eighth revised edition) was like a Christmas gift for dairy nutritionists and researchers
Feb. 21 2022
In a typical year, high moisture corn and corn silage would be feeding to nearly its full potential by this time in the calendar year. This year is different
Feb. 15 2022
What the new NRC means for your herd was presented by: Bill Weiss,The Ohio State University
Feb. 7 2022
If you look at a ration report or a forage analysis today, much of this science will be nicely summarized for you in a simple table. The goal is to describe the energetics of a feed ingredient or a ration....
Jan. 14 2022
The 2021 forage year was a challenge for some due to drought and wildfires. Yet, it bore good news for others with favorable growing conditions and yields
Jan. 13 2022
People aged 85 and older are projected to more than double to 14.4 million by 2040, according to the U.S. Census
Jan. 12 2022
Milk’s nutrition and naturalness is what consumers need to know
Dec. 20 2021
A new study is providing even more reasons to include dairy in the diets of older adults. The study, published in The BMJ, found that nursing home residents who increased their intake of milk, cheese
Dec. 14 2021
Sarah Morrison, a research scientist at the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute, presented, “Caring for calves in cold weather.”
Dec. 14 2021
Nutritionists rightly focus on ration formulation, but the best ones understand that management expertise and cow comfort can make or break a ration
Nov. 22 2021
With livestock feed prices on the rise, many farmers will be looking for ways to reduce input costs
Nov. 15 2021
Hay crop silage making is finished for this year for many dairymen. Typically, it would be months before thoughts turn to ensiling the spring hay crop