May 7 2021
The author is the founder of DNMCmilk, which works with dairy producers and heifer growers in multiple Western states.Steve MartinThe most successful feed rations are usually ones that are not changed
May 7 2021
Of course, cows do not talk to us in the literal sense. Instead, your herd figuratively speaks to you and your advisers through production trends and other quantifiable herd tendencies
May 6 2021
Today’s major health concern is COVID-19. While the pandemic should eventually pass due to a robust vaccination effort, there is a different health problem escalating in teenage girls that could...
April 22 2021
Just days into his administration, President Biden signed an executive order to rejoin the Paris Agreement in a move that exemplifies a ramping up of climate change mitigation efforts at the international,...
April 19 2021
Feeding cows with $5 corn and $450 soybean mealMike Hutjens, University of Illinoissponsored by Kuhn. Feed costs per pound of dry matter are rising as corn and soybean meal prices climb, squeezing fa
April 14 2021
Lists are critical for dairy farms. In the following discussion, we’ll work through a butterfat checklist your dairy can use to evaluate milkfat depression factors prior to the grocery store
April 13 2021
The fresh cow requires neutral detergent fiber (NDF) from high-quality forages such as brown midrib (BMR) corn silage, alfalfa, and even nonforage sources of fiber
April 5 2021
Dairy cattle are great upcyclers, making valuable milk and meat from feedstuffs that would often otherwise be wasted. To take advantage of this asset, dairy farmers are able to feed their animals by-products
March 22 2021
Assigning, analyzing, and performing activity analysis allows farmers understand their detailed loading and mixing feed costs, said Jason Karszes of PRO-DAIRY
March 15 2021
As I contemplated this review of forage dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD), I was taken back 40 years to a time when I had recently stepped into the arena of dairy nutrition
March 9 2021
The benefits of feeding sugar, often by means of molasses, to dairy cows have been well-researched. From a physiological standpoint, sugar supplementation improves microbial efficiency and supports fiber-digesting...
Dec. 29 2020
Coming out of graduate school over a decade ago, I had sound academic training from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I needed a few years of experience in the fields and agriculture industry to begin...
Dec. 15 2020
Improved methods for comparing the economic value of feedpresented by: Bill Weiss, The Ohio State Universitysponsored by: QLFBill Weiss, a professor of dairy cattle nutrition at The Ohio State Univers
Nov. 16 2020
Mike Hutjens, professor emeritus at the University of Illinois, and Mike Rankin, managing editor of Hay and Forage Grower, present “A feed and forage outlook for the year ahead.” Areas of drought, derecho...
Oct. 23 2020
The preweaning period is an especially important part of a calf’s life as it sets the animal up for success. What makes up the starter, how it is fed, and what is its impact should all be considered
Aug. 31 2020
Providing palatable milks with school lunches is only half the battle in developing dairy habits in children
Aug. 24 2020
Viewers took the opportunity on the August 19 episode of Hoard’s Dairyman DairyLivestream to ask registered dietician Yvonne Greer her viewpoint on alternative milk beverages
Aug. 20 2020
“If you don’t put milk on the lunch tray, you don’t get a federal reimbursement,” explained Andy Novakovic, Cornell University economist, of milk’s relationship with the nation’s...
Aug. 17 2020
Calves like consistency — consistency in what they are fed, when they are fed, and how they are fed. Similar to human babies, calves crave a regular schedule
Aug. 3 2020
Chromium is a relatively “new” mineral for dairy cows