Dec. 12 2019
Many scientists and animal breeders are keenly interested in directly altering a portion of an organism’s genome to incorporate specific traits
Oct. 25 2019
Most breeders have some sense that our current dairy cattle population has undergone a bottleneck due to intensive selection for yield and conformation
Oct. 17 2019
There’s no doubt that inbreeding has been a topic heavy on dairy farmers’ minds as we’ve progressed through the genomic era
Sept. 6 2019
There is no doubt that genomics has made significant inroads with over 3 million dairy animals being tested in the past decade
Aug. 19 2019
It’s been 10 years since genomic testing was introduced to the dairy industry. This valuable tool has provided breeders across the globe the opportunity for much faster genetic progress
Aug. 16 2019
The August 2019 Hoard’s Dairyman Bull List can be downloaded. The list includes the top bulls for Holsteins, Jerseys, Brown Swiss, Red and Whites, Guernsey, Ayrshire, and Milking Shorthorns
April 12 2019
“He’s named after Grandpa! The highest bull in the world. How cool is that,” I thought
April 5 2019
The April 2019 Hoard’s Dairyman Bull List can be downloaded. The list includes the top bulls for Holsteins, Jerseys, Brown Swiss, Red and White Holsteins, Guernseys, Ayrshires, and Milking Shorthorns
Feb. 25 2019
Genomic evaluations were first released to dairy producers a decade ago. The genomic revolution has changed a lot when it comes to dairy selection programs
Jan. 18 2019
The American Embryo Transfer Association (AETA) held its 2018 annual convention in beautiful Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with veterinarians and embryo transfer practitioners from around the globe in attendance
Jan. 15 2019
Just like the early European explorers who made the first maps, every world map improved with each expedition. The same case applies to studying DNA
Nov. 28 2018
With the emergence of sexed semen and the ability to obtain more heifers per breeding, some have questioned its use
Oct. 25 2018
Heat stress poses significant problems for the lactating cow. The extra heat produced due to greater feed consumption and metabolism makes it difficult for a cow to maintain normal body temperature
Oct. 10 2018
Dairy cattle, like other cattle breeds, are a monotocous species. In other words, they usually ovulate only one egg per heat cycle
Aug. 25 2018
in a previous column, I discussed a project that was developed to explore genetic diversity and to re-establish two lost Holstein paternal lineages
May 10 2018
The slick haplotype confers cattle with a short and sleek hair coat. In hot, humid climates this type of hair coat makes cows more resistant to heat stress
April 25 2018
Nearly all Holstein sires can be traced back to two bulls born in the 1960s. Nearly all Jersey bulls can be traced to one of two bulls: Observer (Secret Signal Observer) or Jester (Advancer Sleeping Jester)
Feb. 10 2018
The genomic era not only has revealed a great deal about an animal’s genetic makeup from a DNA sample at birth, this in-depth study of the genome has allowed us to accelerate genetic progress. Aside
Jan. 25 2018
I discussed the introduction of national health evaluations for Holsteins by the CDCB (Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding) in the December 2017 article “National health evaluations coming for Holstein