Oct. 10 2018
Dairy cattle, like other cattle breeds, are a monotocous species. In other words, they usually ovulate only one egg per heat cycle
May 10 2018
The slick haplotype confers cattle with a short and sleek hair coat. In hot, humid climates this type of hair coat makes cows more resistant to heat stress
April 25 2018
Nearly all Holstein sires can be traced back to two bulls born in the 1960s. Nearly all Jersey bulls can be traced to one of two bulls: Observer (Secret Signal Observer) or Jester (Advancer Sleeping Jester)
Feb. 10 2018
The genomic era not only has revealed a great deal about an animal’s genetic makeup from a DNA sample at birth, this in-depth study of the genome has allowed us to accelerate genetic progress. Aside
Jan. 25 2018
I discussed the introduction of national health evaluations for Holsteins by the CDCB (Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding) in the December 2017 article “National health evaluations coming for Holstein
Jan. 8 2018
How they achieve 40,000 lbs of milk per cow presented by Tom Kestell, Ever-Green-View Dairy, and Steve Woodford, dairy nutritionist
Jan. 2 2018
I’ll be the first to admit that my husband and I are “genetics junkies.”
Dec. 15 2017
The CDCB (Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding) announced during this year’s World Dairy Expo that they will conduct genetic evaluations for six disease resistance traits
Dec. 11 2017
While the Hoard’s Dairyman Bull List will be available in the December issue, we are making it available to readers here as well
Oct. 25 2017
Determining a cow’s due date is an imprecise science. We can predict the date for most cows within a day or two, but the sex of the calf, season of year, and geographic region all play a role
Oct. 24 2017
Our first LimFlex-sired bull calf arrived last week. It represents the beginning of another herd size management strategy we’re slowly adopting
Sept. 8 2017
4666 . . . Markwell No. 1 . . . Ritz. She gets called a lot of things, depends on who is doing the talking. The “she” is Markwell-KR Reality Ritz-ET
Aug. 25 2017
The August 2017 Hoard's Dairyman Bull List, with all seven dairy breeds, can be opened by clicking the link below
July 10 2017
“A genetic selection index is like a steering wheel. It shapes the direction of the future dairy cow,” Jennie Pryce told those told those attending the American Dairy Science Symposium
July 10 2017
“We don’t want to drive people away from the breed because Holstein cows are too tall,” stated Paul Buhr to those attending the 132nd annual meeting of the Holstein Association USA
April 17 2017
If you have taken a close look at the Jerseys included on the Hoard’s Dairyman Bull List following the past few sire summaries, you may have noticed a change
April 10 2017
While the Hoard’s Dairyman Bull List will be available in the April 25 issue, we are making it available to readers here as well
March 13 2017
Those interested in learning more about crossbreeding had the opportunity to listen to Wes Bluhm, ABS Crossbreeding Manager at ABS Global, at the World Ag Expo
Oct. 10 2016
Kevin Peck, Clear Echo Farm“You need to keep swinging to make the high ones. In that way, high-end genetics is like baseball,” said Kevin Peck. “For every 2600-plus and 2700-plus TPI...