Jan. 22 2024
Part of running a dairy means being prepared for crises of any kind
Oct. 26 2023
“Certainly, something I wish I learned!” were the words of a colleague asking me for an educational program about risk management for dairy science students
Aug. 23 2022
Safety is critical for anyone working on the farm, but there are a few reasons why women in agriculture may be at an elevated risk
April 18 2022
Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) was first detected in an Indiana poultry flock in early February, and by early April about half of the states in the U.S. had confirmed cases
Feb. 24 2022
A flat tire can quickly ruin your day. On the other hand, truck or tractor tires that are well-inflated and strong can carry you through the ruts, rain, snow, and other obstacles
Feb. 10 2022
Risk management is a broad term that can have many, often complicated, definitions when considering a dairy’s choices on its financial security
Oct. 14 2021
Nary a day goes by that the dairy farm manager is not reminded of the risks faced on the farm. Falling milk prices, rising feed costs, employee retention, employee mistakes, disability, death
April 22 2021
The term risk management has become an integral part of the dairy lexicon in the last decade, and its merits have never been more obvious than during the wild swings caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
Nov. 16 2020
Dairy farming is increasingly characterized by growing farm sizes and more levels of uncertainty
Nov. 12 2020
Conversations involving risk management and forward contracting often end up resulting in a discussion of “one time.”
Nov. 12 2020
As with every business, there are two sides to determining a dairy’s profitability — expenses and income — and both are prone to volatility