May 12 2022
The use of by-product feeds has been a longtime dairy farmer practice to effectively recycle valuable nutrients that are either indigestible or undesirable for human consumption
April 28 2022
Feed expenses make up more than half the cost of producing milk on today’s dairy farms
April 18 2022
During unprecedented times like our society has been through the past two-plus years, the week-to-week swings may seem daunting
April 18 2022
“I like to think about what we do when we build rations is we’re really babysitting the confluence of economics and biology
April 10 2022
A cliché is an overused word or phrase that can deviate from or even betray the word’s intended meaning. In some cases, clichés are used so frequently that they become unnoticeable...
March 30 2022
As shelled corn prices are a couple dollars higher per bushel (56 pounds as-fed basis) compared to prior years, dairy farmers are asking what alternatives and strategies could be considered
March 28 2022
The herd at Neu-Hope Dairy near Bluffton, Ind., averages 94 pounds of milk per cow per day
March 17 2022
When it comes to feed costs, we are in uncharted waters and seem to be going “where no man has gone before.”
March 17 2022
While farms have made positive strides toward reducing fresh cow health problems, the transition period remains a challenge for our dairy industry
Feb. 28 2022
A high producing dairy cow needs to consume a lot of feed, but there is only so much time in the day. Cows must be able eat enough feed to meet their nutrient needs in a certain time frame
Jan. 17 2022
About 20 years ago, as a young nutritionist, I sat in a meeting room in Stephenville, Texas, to learn about the new Dairy NRC published in 2001
Jan. 1 2022
Carbohydrates often make up 60% or more of the ration dry matter and provide 70% to 80% of the cow’s energy needs
Dec. 30 2021
Automatic milking systems (AMS) have taken off for the same reason many technologies do — they save labor. A repetitive task like milking is a good job for robots
Dec. 16 2021
When considering the assets you have invested in your dairy operation, the first things that probably come to mind are your barns, buildings, equipment, and animals
Dec. 14 2021
While consulting for a dairy business in Australia roughly 10 years ago, I remember seeing small pickup trucks or “utes” with diesel engines for the first time
Dec. 13 2021
“In my nearly 10 years with Rock River Laboratory, I can’t recall a crop shaping out like the one we’re likely going to be seeing, if not already feeding,” shared John Goeser
Dec. 13 2021
Like any forage, alfalfa production carries its unique challenges from seeding to feeding. Specifically, when discussing the quality necessary to provide good nutrition to high-producing dairy cows
Dec. 6 2021
One year ago, the trait Feed Saved made its debut in the December 2020 genetic evaluations published by the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB)
Oct. 19 2021
Cows are herd animals and often don’t like to be separated by themselves, but at the same time, crowded cattle can’t reach their full potential