Nov. 6 2023
Even though their farms lie on four different continents, the four dairy farmers who shared the stage to talk about their businesses during the World Dairy Summit
Oct. 20 2023
This week, the U.S. dairy community took advantage of an opportunity it hadn’t had in three decades when the International Dairy Federation’s (IDF) World Dairy Summit was held on American soil
Aug. 22 2023
Working in the dairy industry, I have witnessed some moments I will cherish forever. From being able to watch a calf’s first breath to helping a cow recover from illness, there are many things I...
July 21 2023
New Zealand is home to about 5 million people and 5 million cows. That is half the number of cows that are in the United States, all on an island not quite the size of California
July 17 2023
How do you create connections with dairy customers halfway around the world?
July 5 2023
Growing up on a small family farm in rural Wisconsin, I have always been surrounded by the dairy industry.
Nov. 15 2021
Chad and Jan Winke made the life-changing decision 13 years ago to spend three years in New Zealand. The initial opportunity came up because Jan was offered a position with GEA supporting Kiwi dairy farmers