Animal caretakers should be trained in proper handling techniques to ensure comfort and safety of both the animal and the caretaker. These articles about stockmanship/handling meet the National Dairy FARM Animal Care Program’s continuing education requirement.
June 26 2023
As humans, we find companionship with animals. This comes in the form of pets in our homes, wildlife we observe, and the livestock we work with on farms
June 22 2023
The calendar says it is officially summer, and temperatures in many parts of the country are heating up
June 19 2023
During the June Hoard’s Dairyman webinar, speaker Lily Edwards-Callaway started her presentation by sharing a well-known message written by our company’s founder, W.D. Hoard
May 19 2023
Possibly the biggest thief of resting time for dairy cows is waiting to be milked
May 4 2023
Dairy cattle need four sound feet to complete many of their daily tasks
March 23 2023
Cow sense — it’s a concept one often gleans either growing up on a farm or working on a farm. This cow sense, and ultimately understanding how a cow perceives her environment, is the very core...
Feb. 23 2023
The benefits of adequate resting time include less stress, more milk production, less lameness, and greater longevity
Feb. 20 2023
Sometimes people wish there were more hours in a day to complete the responsibilities at hand, and dairy cows may feel the same way. Rick Grant of the Miner Institute recommends that farmers think abo
Feb. 2 2023
Consider the health and wellness of the animals living in the barn and the people working there to make the best decision
Sept. 23 2021
Compared to our beloved dairy cows, I rarely give compliments to the other large animals — the equines — that our vet team commonly encounters in our daily travels
Aug. 12 2019
Cow comfort has a huge impact on a dairy’s bottom line. Monitoring lameness and injuries helps producers identify management and facility factors that influence cow comfort, allowing them to make the right...
March 10 2018
We all have learned a lot more about the importance of facilities and cow comfort by studying cows housed in freestall barns, which may include turn-out lots on dirt or pasture
Feb. 25 2015
With the right design, tie stalls can provide excellent cow comfort. If you're milking in an older setup, evaluate what changes could be made to foster comfort and production. by Emily Morabito and Jeffrey...