July 15 2024
The Portuguese-American population is abundant within California’s dairy industry
July 12 2024
Growing up on a farm requires working long hours and putting in hard work, but it also equips you with many skills that others don’t have
July 11 2024
When you pick up a shovel, I doubt the first thing on your mind is if it is ergonomically fit to dig a hole. It’s designed to do just that — isn’t it?
July 10 2024
The heat and humidity of this month make for long days of dairy farming
July 8 2024
It takes more than just one person to make a glass of milk
July 5 2024
Even though the summer months are always busy on the dairy, farming families know how to make work and play memorable and fun for all generations
June 27 2024
Our farm dog and the cow with biggest personality became fast friends
May 20 2024
Getting animals to cooperate can sometimes be tricky, and some humans can become easily frustrated. When we get impatient, our animals tend to also become impatient
Dec. 13 2023
One of the many perks of living on a dairy farm is the fact that we are surrounded by wildlife
Dec. 13 2023
I found a fast and efficient way to clean calf bottles
Dec. 12 2023
A number of dairy organizations work together to manage crisis and issues and strengthen consumer confidence in our farms and products
Nov. 29 2023
These are the items I’ve been using a ton of lately