The FARM Animal Care Program helps to demonstrate dairy farmers’ commitment to providing excellent care of their dairy cattle and producing safe, wholesome milk. Supported by Dairy Management, Inc. and managed by the National Milk Producers Federation, FARM details animal care guidelines using the latest research and best management practices. On-farm evaluations conducted by trained evaluators help identify strengths and outline improvements for dairy farms while third party verification ensures integrity of the program.

FARM Animal Care standards outline the need for annual continuing education for family and non-family employees with responsibilities in the following areas:

Reviewing these tagged articles meet the continuing education standards. Farms can document their continuing education by using templates found on FARM’s website or through other documentation methods, if preferred.

July 12 2024
Historically, criminals who have been sentenced to death have been granted a sumptuous last meal before their execution
June 15 2024
DAIRY producers are aware of the importance of feeding quality colostrum within the first two hours of birth (and surely within six hours). Colostrum provides immunity as antibodies
May 15 2024
Millions of calves, including replacement heifers, dairy bull calves, and dairy-beef calves, leave dairy farms every year
May 15 2024
My predecessor started the concept of herd health checks in our area over 50 years ago. Cows and heifers were checked for their reproductive status on a schedule
Jan. 10 2024
when a pendulum swings out farther in one direction than normal, it may swing back too far in the other direction. A correction can take some time later on
Nov. 15 2023
Calves enter a world filled with bacteria, viruses, and parasites. These organisms can make them sick or even lead to death
Oct. 15 2023
A silver bullet is a simple and seemingly magical solution to a complicated problem. Many would maintain that they exist only in fiction, but colostrum is a real life example
Sept. 25 2023
At the 2006 American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) conference in Minneapolis, a speaker presented some unique findings from their human milk studies
Sept. 25 2023
With so much attention placed on animal welfare, the perspective of farmers is often overlooked, even though they are the ones who provide care to animals daily and have the greatest impact on animal welfare
Sept. 25 2023
Feeding high-quality colostrum is recognized as a critical factor to raising healthy calves. In addition to supplying important immunological components, colostrum is rich in nutrients, hormones, and and...
Sept. 11 2023
Our emergency calls rarely come midmorning. Even more rare, my scheduled work was cancelled so I could attend this difficult calving. I arrived at Dan’s calving pen to see Cow 569 in trouble
Sept. 11 2023
While most euthanasia protocols prefer the use of captive bolt pistols to kill cows, bulls, and calves, these specialized instruments can be expensive and require particular ammunition and training in...
Sept. 11 2023
We have a separate barn for our show animals. Our show cattle are our pets, and when needed, we euthanize them with our veterinarian using an injection rather than another method.However, the company
July 17 2023
People who purchase calves from other farms to raise put a lot of trust in the source farm. The care those calves receive before and immediately after birth can make a big difference in how successful...
July 13 2023
It unfortunately doesn’t take much for a bright and bouncy dairy calf to become sick. Early intervention can often turn the calf back around, but even a simple illness may leave a lasting impact
July 6 2023
Electrolytes are often just the ticket calves need to get through a bout of diarrhea. Veterinarian Amelia Woolums recommends administering electrolytes as soon as diarrhea is identified to prevent dehydration,...
July 3 2023
It doesn’t take long for a dairy calf to go from healthy to unwell when faced with a bout of diarrhea
June 26 2023
As humans, we find companionship with animals. This comes in the form of pets in our homes, wildlife we observe, and the livestock we work with on farms
June 22 2023
The calendar says it is officially summer, and temperatures in many parts of the country are heating up
June 19 2023
During the June Hoard’s Dairyman webinar, speaker Lily Edwards-Callaway started her presentation by sharing a well-known message written by our company’s founder, W.D. Hoard