Sept. 23 2021
In any system, calf care is done best by individuals who are patient and detail focused
May 13 2021
I was once told by a vet, “The scours didn't kill your calf, you did.” I was completely appalled at the fact that he had just accused me of letting my calf die
April 21 2021
I didn’t grow up wanting to be a farmer. I resented being the farm kid. I couldn’t go to friend’s houses after school because there were calves to feed
Feb. 4 2021
“Calves are an investment in your future herd and profitability of your farm,” said Margaret Quaassdorff, dairy management specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension
Feb. 1 2021
While it has been a somewhat mild winter so far in parts of the country, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been cold days and nights, especially for people working outside and for calves housed...
Jan. 7 2021
Since calves are highly susceptible to disease, farmers should be using both physical and behavioral indicators to help identify a potential illness
Dec. 14 2020
The two or so months prior to weaning really lay the foundation for a healthy, productive dairy animal. It is important to review the success of your preweaned calf program every now and then
Nov. 5 2020
The correct nutrients, at the right time, creates the right recipe for optimal growth. That’s the winning strategy to develop the rumen in dairy calves
Oct. 30 2020
Newborn calves are an everyday occurrence on our family’s farm. Each one has its own unique pedigree, birth story, personality, and set of quirks
Oct. 19 2020
Anyone who works with calves knows they can become sick and dehydrated very quickly
Sept. 17 2020
Like other forms of automation on the farm, automatic calf feeders can collect and provide a wealth of information to the dairy producer
Sept. 9 2020
I know you’ve heard it before: “‘So-and-so’ is a cow whisperer; they seem to know a cow is sick before the cow does!” If you’re the lucky recipient of such high praise,...
July 20 2020
Even people who classify as “social butterflies” may crave time alone now and then, and the same could be true for dairy calves
July 16 2020
Through research and practical experience, we continue to learn more about the benefits of social housing for young dairy calves
June 22 2020
When you consider major sources of variability in terms of nutrition, a single ingredient might not be on the top of your list for consideration
June 1 2020
Vaccinations serve a vital role in maintaining animal wellbeing on today’s dairies. Many of those vaccinations are given early in life and provide a foundation for overall herd health
May 25 2020
Many would consider colostrum to be the most important management factor in a calf’s life. As our standards of calf care continue to improve, methods to evaluate colostrum quality and success of...
May 11 2020
A very positive trend in dairy cattle research the past few years has been more studies on calves. However, in a Dairy Calf and Heifer Association presentation, University of Guelph’s Michael Steele...
May 4 2020
Researchers and farmers alike are uncovering benefits of pair or group housing for calves, from cognitive learning, behavioral flexibility, adaptability, and resilience to stress