New Joint Youth Leadership Fund provides greater leadership support to Wisconsin's two largest agriculture-related youth organizations.

4-H logos FFA logo The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation and the Wisconsin FFA Foundation announce the joint Youth Leadership Fund, an historic partnership between the two organizations created to support the leadership and professional development of youth involved in 4-H and FFA across the state.

The joint Youth Leadership Fund is the first program of its kind in the history of these two organizations, providing an opportunity for sponsors to easily support both of Wisconsin's largest agriculture-related youth organizations. Contributions made to the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Youth Leadership Fund will be equally divided between the two organizations to be used in promoting and enhancing leadership activities for their many youth members.

"This is the first time our organizations have collaborated on such a high level and it's an exciting opportunity for the youth of our state, the generous supporters of our programs and the future of our organizations," says Valerie Johnson, president of the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation. "The goals of both the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation and the Wisconsin FFA Foundation run parallel, so it is only fitting for us to collaborate."

Julie Krull Larson, president of the Wisconsin FFA Foundation, shares excitement for the joint Youth Leadership Fund: "This collaborative opportunity will help both of our organizations to better serve our state's youth, provide leadership opportunities and maximize fundraising
efforts. FFA and 4-H both continue to help guide personal and professional development of thousands of Wisconsin youth, so the Wisconsin FFA Foundation is proud to partner with the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation for this fund."

FFA photo

(Photo L to R): Logan Wells, Wisconsin FFA President; Rachel Hellenbrand, 4-H junior leader from the Ashton Go-Getters Club, a 4-H club in Dane County; Emma Heser, Wisconsin FFA Secretary; Karlee Ketelboeter, 4-H junior leader from the Ashton Go-Getters Club, a 4-H club in Dane County.

Alumni and supporters of both 4-H and FFA are encouraged to support the groups' mission of developing youth. To learn more about the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation and Wisconsin FFA Foundation Joint Youth Leadership Fund or to donate to the fund, contact the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation at (608) 262-1597 or or the Wisconsin FFA Foundation at or 608-831-5058 or visit or

Based in Madison, Wis., the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation provides essential funding for 4-H programs throughout Wisconsin. By partnering with individuals, corporations and foundations, the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation supports nearly 100,000 youth who take part in various 4-H leadership, development and community-building activities throughout the state. Learn more about the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation by visiting

The Wisconsin FFA Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) organization, unites individuals, organizations and companies who share a common interest in the advancement of agriculture and community leadership through FFA. You can support today's FFA members by supporting the programs that have been core tenets of the FFA: proficiency awards, career development events, state FFA degrees, sectional leadership workshops, scholarships, chapter awards, agri-science fair, state FFA convention and state officer support. Learn more about the Wisconsin FFA Foundation and sponsorship opportunities by visiting

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