Animal Feed Supplement, Inc., manufacturer of The Feed in a Drum feed supplements, recently launched a new comprehensive website. The easy-to-use site is designed to maximize the interactive experience for producers and dealers. Intuitive navigation allows users to quickly find product information by livestock type, product name or application.

The site offers a special section for The Feed in a Drum dealers featuring a variety of resources.

The Feed in a Drum Resources page features product literature and links to market reports and industry news. The site also serves as a resource for the latest feed supplement research. The new site can be accessed at

Animal Feed Supplement, Inc., Poteau, Okla., is the premier manufacturer of The Feed in a Drum low moisture nutrition blocks. These supplements, designed to be fed with all types of pastures or forages, are formulated to provide essential nutrients to help increase reproductive performance and forage utilization. The continuous flow process used to create the supplements is protected by two U.S. patents.
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