SemexSemex is pleased to announce the opening of its newly expanded Semex-Génbank Hungary facilities in Mez?hegyes, Hungary, meeting Semex's increased sire housing, semen collection, processing and distribution needs.

Semex's belief that the best genetics are where you find them has netted impressive results, including the world's genomic superstar and the Hungarian facility's most famous resident, 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno. The new facility increases housing and collection capacity from 140 to 200 bulls, while also ensuring all European bulls are cared for in facilities that are governed by Semex's stringent Gold Standard™ requirements for housing, collection, processing and distribution.

"The expanded Hungarian facility solidifies Semex's position worldwide," says Robert McRae, Semex Chief Operating Officer. "These bulls are all European Union eligible and offer us an enviable biosecurity advantage. And, as we're genomic testing more and more European young sires and growing our Genomax™ lineup, this new, state-ofthe-art facility is increasingly important."

Held in conjunction with Génbank-Semex Hungary Ltd's twenty-fifth anniversary, this grand opening was truly a remarkable celebration with over 400 people attending. In operation since December 1989, Génbank-Semex Hungary Ltd is the largest semen distributor in Hungary, and received the award as Hungary's #1 Cattle Breeding Company on the 2014 Golden List.

"We're extremely proud of our people in Hungary," says Paul Larmer, Semex Chief Executive Officer. "They are committed and dedicated to growing Semex's global footprint and are truly living our corporate vision to ‘Demand the best… Of ourselves, our company and what we do for our customers.'"

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