Bio-VetBio-Vet introduces the T-Spec 125, an oral speculum designed for applying QuadriCal® calcium boluses.

QuadriCal®, an oral bolus containing high levels of calcium for dairy cows, was introduced at the 2013 World Dairy Expo. Bio-Vet began production of QuadriCal® in late 2013 following completion of its new manufacturing and office facility in Barneveld, WI.

The T-Spec has a 1.25 inch diameter, which is ideal for applying QuadriCal® boluses. The T-Spec joins the MINI™ balling gun as application tools for QuadriCal® boluses. The T-Spec, MINI and well-accepted ‘6' Shooter™ balling guns all are manufactured by Bio-Vet using durable PVC pipe material for long life and ease of use.

Each 3-bolus application of QuadriCal® contains a minimum 54 grams of calcium derived from four calcium sources: chloride, sulfate, propionate and lactate. These calcium types provide rapid, intermediate and sustained availability to the cow after calving, when her need for supplemental calcium is greatest.

QuadriCal® boluses also contain niacin to aid liver function, and vitamin D3, which is critical for calcium utilization in the body. QuadriCal® boluses are tapered and rounded on one end for smooth, safe and easy administration.

For details, contact your local Bio-Vet sales representative or distributor, or call 1-800-246-8381.
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