DuPont Pioneer Looking out across wet fields, it's tempting to consider switching to shorter season corn hybrids to ensure timely crop maturity in the fall.

DuPont Pioneer research, in 18 years of testing, has identified approximate optimum dates for switching to earlier hybrids - the timeframe may be later than most growers thought.

The research shows that switching to an early maturity hybrid too soon will probably not benefit yield performance and may result in reduced profitability.

Extensive local research conducted by DuPont Pioneer pinpoints the optimum date to switch hybrids in each corn growing region. To help guide these decisions, Pioneer researchers conducted planting date studies for more than 18 years, from 1987 through 2004. Results indicate that growers should plant full-season hybrids up until a key date in each region.

Follow this link to see the optimum date to change maturities for each of five U.S. corn growing regions.

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