PatzPatz Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of the 2405 and 2410 Movable Plow-Off Belt Conveyors/Feeders to our existing feed handling product line. These conveyors/feeders are equipped with a movable plow and premium belting options, including a low stretch and cold temperature belt. The 24" wide conveyors/feeders allow for transport of larger volumes of material.

Customizable with lengths from 4 to 400 feet (1.2 to 121.9 meters), both the 2405 and 2410 Movable Plow-Off Belt Conveyors/Feeders offer automation and distribution of a variety of materials, including forages, grains, and other feedstuffs. When used in conjunction with our optional control box and proximity sensors, one-way or two-way plows can precisely direct feed to a maximum of ten separate lots. Optional v-plows offer better dispersion of feed for efficient usage of overall layout and footprint.

A variety of optional equipment, including a plow drive control box assembly, decline elbow, tripper assembly, blade belt wiper, and v-plow assemblies, as well as customizable mounting options, make the 2405 and 2410 Movable Plow-Off Belt Conveyors/Feeders our most versatile belt conveyors/feeders yet! Additional Movable Plow-Off Belt Conveyors/Feeders are available in 12" or 16" widths.

Patz Corporation manufactures feed and manure handling equipment ideal for any dairy or beef operation. Other products include vertical TMR feed mixers, silo unloaders, chain and flite conveyors, wastewater and manure pumps, agitators, SmartClean™ scraper systems, gutter cleaners, and material choppers.

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