With milk protein and butterfat prices on the rise, dairy producers can take advantage of favorable market pricing to realize greater on-farm profits in 2011. Milk component prices have skyrocketed early in 2011, with milk fat levels hitting $2.21/lb. and milk protein reaching $2.50/lb1. These prices have far surpassed those seen in 2009 and 2010, as shown in the charts below. With increasing component prices, additional profits can be realized from each hundredweight of milk sold. The sample calculation below further details the potential financial benefits that can be realized when component levels are boosted. The ration is one of the best tools to quickly influence component improvements-in some cases, in only days or weeks-when appropriate changes are made. Amino acid balancing is one practice proven to increase milk component production. "As the building blocks of protein, amino acids are essential for increasing production of milk with high component levels," explains Senior Manager, Technology, with Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, Dr. Elliot Block. "Lysine and methionine are the two most limiting essential amino acids, meaning they have the greatest impact on milk and component production. Because cows cannot produce lysine or methionine on their own or from other amino acids, they must be added to the diet." Delivering optimal levels of lysine to the small intestine means the cow is able to produce additional protein, translating to improved feed efficiency, nutrient utilization and, ultimately, greater milk check profits. Feeding a high-quality bypass lysine source like MEGAMINE-L® Rumen Bypass Lysine provides a consistent level of protected lysine to the small intestine, where it can be used for protein synthesis. "Research shows us that feeding MEGAMINE-L noticeably improves milk production, feed efficiency and component levels," says Dr. Block. "In pricing situations like we're seeing in 2011, where milk components will significantly impact milk check profits, dairy producers have the potential to boost on-farm profitability by increasing protein and butterfat production." To learn more about capturing the greatest component production in 2011 through proper amino acid nutrition, visit www.AHDairy.com or www.PeakReportOnline.com . Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, with headquarters in Princeton, N.J., is a North American leader in offering a complete family of innovative, research-proven dairy feed ingredients to improve producer profitability. To learn more about Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, visit www.AHDairy.com . 05.11.2011