AFACT recently hosted a free webinar for farmers and veterinarians called, Drug Residues: What's the Issue and What's Your Plan? Although the webinar was offered on several dates and times, we still couldn't keep up with registration demand for the limited-seat sessions. So, for those of you who missed the live webinars, a recording of the final session is now available for you to view online at your convenience! We've all heard about increased surveillance of meat and milk and the serious consequences of violative residues. Developed and presented in cooperation with Pfizer Animal Health, this informative webinar provides farmers and veterinarians with the knowledge and tools needed to create and follow an effective plan for avoiding drug residues and adulterated carcasses. Highlights include: • Why it's critical to establish a plan with your veterinarian • How to develop and follow science-based treatment protocols • How to tell which set of label directions to follow carefully • Options for keeping good treatment records to establish credibility •Tips for training employees to ensure everyone follows the plan consistently Connect with AFACT on the Web • Follow itisAFACT on Twitter • Like AFACT on Facebook • Visit the AFACT website Click here to watch Drug Residues: What's the Issue and What's Your Plan? Read about the webinar in AgriView here. Now is the best time to take a step to protect your dairy operation and safeguard consumer trust in our industry. Watch the webinar today and start developing your plan.