Holstein Association USA Board of Directors Holds Summer Meeting

The Holstein Association USA board of directors met June 21 and 22, 2011 in Richmond, Va. President Larry A. Tande chaired the meeting held in conjunction with the National Holstein Convention and Annual Meeting at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. During a dinner on June 21, the board honored retiring President Tande of Medford, Minn., as well as Directors Ron Fuhrmann of Hoagland, Ind., and Kate Geppert of Columbia, Mo. Vice President Chuck Worden of Cassville, N.Y. presented each with a framed resolution, highlighting their service on the board. Update on 2011 Business Plan During the meeting, staff presented updates on the 2011 Management-by-Objective Business Plan and year-to-date financials. Updates on two core objectives included from January through June 18, registrations totaled 165,056 and were up 1,115, a 1 percent increase from the same period in 2010. Through May 31, Holstein COMPLETESM enrollment totaled 246,871 cows and 1,795 herds. These numbers represent a 3 percent increase in cows and a 2 percent increase in herds. 2011 Financial Update During the meeting, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Barbara Casna presented the Association's consolidated financial statements as of May 31, 2011 and reviewed the reserve fund report for the same period. Through the end of May, the Association and its subsidiaries show year-to-date profit on operations of $921,000, which is an improvement of $579,000 compared to last year. AgriTech Analytics (ATA) AgriTech Analytics (ATA) General Manager Bill VerBoort reported May 2011 enrollment of 887,022 cows, which is an increase of almost 54,000 cows from May 2010. ATA has recently added a new report to their lineup. The Sire Group Report provides information on cows, grouped by their sire, and displays averages for production, Mature Equivalent (ME) production, relative values, among other statistics for each group. Other Board Action The board reviewed Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding discussions on the possibility of forming an alliance which could eventually privatize the entire U.S. dairy genetic evaluation system. The board took the following action: Be it resolved that Holstein Association USA board of directors has discussed the Dairy Data Alliance proposal. We have serious concerns about the apparent direction. We request further details and encourage further dialogue. We can only lend support to the proposal once our concerns and questions are answered and the resulting proposal is consistent with the dairymen's best interests. The Holstein Association board of directors approved the recommendation of the Holstein Foundation board of trustees to appoint the following trustees, each for a three-year term: Judy Iager of Fulton, Md., Jeff King of Schuylerville, N.Y., and Tom Thorbahn of Vickery, Ohio. The board voted to confirm that future annual meetings of Holstein Association USA, Inc. will retain a two-day business format. On June 25, newly-elected President Worden presided over the reorganization meeting of the board. The directors welcomed incoming Vice President Glen E. Brown of Coalville, Utah, and Directors Roy Buessing of Axtell, Kan., and Mike Jones of Marshall, Ind. Re-elected to their second three-year term are Directors Jim Burdette of Mercersburg, Pa., and Boyd Schaufelberger of Greenville, Ill. Next Meeting The Holstein Association Board will meet November 17 and 18, 2011 in Chicago, Ill. 07.01.2011